Book Review: The Glass Wives

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Written By: Amy Sue Nathan

Published By: St. Martin’s Press May 14, 2013

Length: 288 pages

Source: Egalley from Edelweiss via publisher

Evie Glass was once married to Richard and they also have ten year old twins, Sam and Sophie.  She now finds herself sitting Shiva in the home he recently shared with his former mistress and current wife, Nicole.  A tragic car accident has taken Richard from both of them.  While Nicole is now seen as the grieving widow, where does this leave Evie.  She’s doing her duty, but secretly she hopes this tragedy will allow her to separate permanently from Nicole and the bad memories it brings up.  Her neighbors and best friends Beth and Laney are with Evie to support her, bringing food, listening, sharing, doing what friend do best. 

As life should be returning to normal Evie realizes this will never happen, Richard’s death mean no more child support, her monetary source for paying the mortgage.  Her options don’t look good, she doesn’t want to move Sam and Sophie from the home they’ve always known.  Returning to work full time presents all kinds of issues with childcare.  Sam is not handling the loss of his father well, he does NOT want to return to school.  Add to this the returning presence of Nicole in her driveway and on her doorstep, Evie has quite a mess on her hands. 

When Nicole suggests she and baby Luca move in and help with the expenses Evie first finds this insane, but she lets her pride go and admits the arrangement has many positives for her.  She is still unsure what Nicole is getting, but the once bitter Evie begins to warm up to Nicole and she finds it hard to resist six month old Luca.  Things are never what they seem, and Evie must keep her guard up as Nicole again interferes with her future plans.

I was so thrilled to have an early galley of this book.  I first learned of Amy Sue Nathan on The Debutante Ball where Amy is a part of the 2013 class, a wonderful site for introducing debut authors.  I also began reading Women’s Fiction Writers, where Amy is brainchild and host.  I connected with Amy on twitter and I was in love with her before I read page one of  THE GLASS WIVES.

The characters and relationships in this book are so very honest and broken in many ways.  It shows the perceptions we have of people who behave in ways we find distasteful and vulgar.  Evie is so very relatable, devoted mother and scorned first wife.  Many of us know women who have walked in her very shoes.  Beth and Laney are her friends and they are in her corner at all times.  They care for her emotionally and physically.  Laney sees things as very black and white, good and bad, while Beth is just a kinder less judgmental supporter and friend.

I didn’t expect Evie and Nicole to become friendly, but I understood the motivation.  Evie learns something from Beth that will challenge their friendship and yet also teach both of them a lesson. 

This is a book about friendship, love and family.  I adored how Nathan took Evie and had her learn so much about all three.  Evie had me laughing and crying, not to mention wanting cookies, Evie is always making cookies in this book!  Nathan writes what she knows in Evie’s Jewish heritage, the references were well placed and added to knowing who Evie really is. 

I’ve given this book 5 out of 5 stars, I loved it!! It was a pleasure to read, and I’m so happy publication day is here so everyone can go out and buy a copy!!  Please click to the links above to see more from Amy, and also her website

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