Book Review: While We Were Watching Downton Abbey- Audio

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Written By:  Wendy Wax

Narrated By: Orlagh Cassidy

Published By: Penguin Audio April 2, 2013

Length: 10 hours 24 minutes

Source: Publisher via Audiobook Juke Box

Summary from the publisher:

When the concierge of The Alexander, a historic Atlanta apartment building, invites his fellow residents to join him for weekly screenings of Downton Abbey, four very different people find themselves connecting with the addictive drama, and—even more unexpectedly—with each other…

Samantha Davis married young and for the wrong reason: the security of old Atlanta money—for herself and for her orphaned brother and sister. She never expected her marriage to be complicated by love and compromised by a shattering family betrayal.

Claire Walker is now an empty nester and struggling author who left her home in the suburbs for the old world charm of The Alexander, and for a new and productive life. But she soon wonders if clinging to old dreams can be more destructive than having no dreams at all.

And then there’s Brooke MacKenzie, a woman in constant battle with her faithless ex-husband. She’s just starting to realize that it’s time to take a deep breath and come to terms with the fact that her life is not the fairy tale she thought it would be.

For Samantha, Claire, Brooke—and Edward, who arranges the weekly gatherings—it will be a season of surprises as they forge a bond that will sustain them through some of life’s hardest moments—all of it reflected in the unfolding drama, comedy, and convergent lives of Downton Abbey. 

My Thoughts:

This was my first Wendy Wax book, and as a fan of Downton Abbey I was drawn to this book by title alone.  I was thrilled when I began listening and found that the character descriptions and the thoughts of each person were so well detailed.  I felt like I knew each one of them and what it might even be like to be a part of their group.  

Each character was likable, but came with faults of course.  I tried to decide which woman I most related to, but I find qualities in each I  admired and also became frustrated with.  Edward was just the kind of concierge we all wish we had, well don’t we all wish we lived in a place where someone was downstairs keeping an eye on things, organizing things as needed and then some.  He’s British and might seem prim at first, but he’s just wonderful!!

The audio production was very well done.  The narrator was new to me, but upon review she has done some amazing work on other audio books.  I’ve even got a few loaded on my iPhone.  Her voice and diction seemed perfect for this book.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Wax at the UCF Book Festival, and she was such a pleasure!  I’m really looking forward to digging into her very lovely backlist…I’m already listening to OCEAN BEACH…loving it! 

I’ve given this book 4 out of 5 stars, I really liked it.  You can find Wendy on facebook and her website.  Her books are a very nice treat.

4 Responses to “Book Review: While We Were Watching Downton Abbey- Audio”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Ack! Ocean Beach is a sequel to Ten Beach Road, so it would have been good to read that one first!!! But they are both good. (FYI I think Wendy is working on a third book with those characters where they are in the Keys.) I do believe though that WWWWDA is my favorite of hers. And I’m a huge fan of Orlagh Cassidy.

  2. Mary (Bookfan)

    I’ve read 3 or 4 of Wax’s novels and enjoyed them all. I think I’ll use an Audible credit for this one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it!

  3. Booksnyc

    I read Magnolia Wednesdays and really liked it. Orlagh is a favorite narrator of mine – glad you liked her too. Have you read The Postmistress? She did a great job on that!

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