Book Review: The Other Typist

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Written By: Suzanne Rindell

Published By: Amy Einhorn Books an imprint of Putnam/Penguin Group May 7, 2013

Length: 368 pages

Source: Purchased e book

Rose Baker is a typist for a NYC police precinct, and the year is almost 1925. Many men find women in this new role unsettling and perhaps too delicate for the rather sleazy criminals they come in contact with.  The two officers she is most in contact with are the older Sergeant  who is wise and conservative in Rose’s view and the Lieutenant Detective, younger and while senior in rank not necessarily in her eyes.  When a fourth typist is hired, things are really shaken up.  Odalie wasn’t like Rose or the other typists.  She interviewed with longer hair, pinned up, a conservative suit and modest make up.  When she came for work, her hair was bobbed, her makeup daring and her clothing more modern.

Soon Rose and Odalie found themselves strangely becoming friends, opposites may attract.  Rose was living in a boardng house and shared a room with another woman.  When she realized the landlord and her roommate were gossiping about her she complained to her friend and hurriedly moved out.  Odalie invited Rose to share her suite in a hotel, not a common place for single young women to live. Rose was raised an orphan by nuns, and never had much of her own.  Odalie soon introduces Rose to a new lifestyle…new clothes, speakeasies, bootleg liquor and jazz.

Just what happens as two virtual strangers become close? Hushed whispers and secrets keep things interesting as Rose and Odalie become entwined in a much deeper mystery.

I loved this book!! I enjoyed the time setting, the 1920’s, prohibition, the music, the clothes.  This book is difficult to sum up in just a few words.  Rose’s mundane life is turned upside down when Odalie starts working at the precinct.  Odalie open up such doors for Rose, she shows her a new life and she puts suggestions in her head that Rose would have never considered before.  Rose’s relationship with both the Sergeant and the Lieutenant Detective are impacted as she grows ever closer and perhaps a bit dependent on Odalie.

This is a book you’ll just have to read to understand…and also be caught up in his grip!!  I read this book with my twitter buddies, the Hashtags, and our discussions just added to my confusion and the pull to finish this book as quickly as I could.  Just as I thought I had it all figured out in my mind…bam….I don’t think so.  A wonderful book for book club, as discussion and questions just go hand in hand with The Other Typist.  I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

This is Suzanne Rindell’s first novel, you can learn more about her on her website

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Yeah this was one that was hard to put down. Still, I am not totally sure I know exactly what happened at the end. I also felt like this type of “twist” has been done before. Loved the characters though…they were rich!

  2. Teresa

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around it which is why I haven’t written my review. I can’t say that I’ve read anything like it before. You are right, it really is difficult to try and summarize it.

  3. Elizabeth

    This book was fantastic.

    I felt the same as you did. Thought I knew what was what and then the last line had me saying: What?

    Wow…I would love to talk to you about this book. So many different thoughts, and I am still confused. 🙂

    Shoot me an e-mail if you like. My e-mail is on my site.

    Boy am I glad I found your site. You write FANTASTIC reviews, and we like similar books as we commented before.


    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

  4. crimeworm

    I did love this book – but I was thrown by a fellow blogger ****SPOILER ALERT who said she thought Odalie never existed at all! SPOILER ALERT OVER ****

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