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While I was working at a well known book chain I met a woman who was always coming into the store with her laptop,working, smiling and then leaving.  One day she bought a book, and I’d heard of the author Erika Marks, and she told me she knew the author “online”.  She and I began talking and she told me she had sold her first YA book and it would be published in 2012.  We exchanged information, and have been talking books and authors since that day.

Jenny Torres Sanchez did release The Downside of Being Charlie, and her second book just published last week.  Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia.

Frenchie is a teen girl a bit obsessed with Emily Dickinson and death, then the boy she has a crush on dies and she’s not sure how to handle it.


“Have you ever been sitting outside and the mailman shows up with a package for you? It’s awesome because you weren’t expecting it, and you feel special. You feel awesome. You feel excited as the mailman delivers it, all pretty with a bow. And he sets it down right in front of you with a smile and a tip of his hat.
You pull the bow, but here’s what’s inside:
One of those little black bombs with a burning fuse at the end, like the kind you see in cartoons. You’re stunned. You run up to the mailman and say, “Dude, i don’t want this!” You try to give it back, but he just pushes it back to you, and so on and so forth, and during all that time the fuse is getting shorter and shorter. Finally he just drives away, and you’re standing there, holding this little bomb in your hand, just waiting for the boom. 
That was me.
Andy Cooper was the boom.”
I had the pleasure of attending a library event this past Saturday where Jenny talked about her new book last weekend.  I asked Jenny why she was drawn to writing YA and she said many things–for one she had enjoyed teaching high school.  She also thinks it keeps her a bit young, and maybe she just often thinks like a teen.  Questions were also asked about her fascination with death, and if she found any answers while writing about Frenchie Garcia, sadly the answer was no.  

I enjoyed listening to Jenny talk, as most of our relationship has been short chats when I was working, or she was shopping.  I’ve only browsed the book a little, but I can tell it’s going to be very good. 

The good news for you? I purchased an extra copy for one lucky commenter.  This contest is open for US Residents only, and is open until Sunday June 9 midnight.  Just leave a comment and I’ll use Random.com to choose a winner!!

I hope if you enjoy Young Adult or have your own tweens/teens you’ll take a look at Jenny’s website and both her books.  Book 3 is in the works!!

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  1. Anita

    Thanks all for commenting, the winner is #2, Anita!! I’ll be emailing you for your address!! Congrats!

  2. Anita

    Hi Anita, I received the book a few days ago. Thank you!

    And thanks to Jenny, the author. I’m guessing that the book will be read before the summer is over. 🙂

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