Book Review: All the Summer Girls

June 7, 2013 4 stars, beach, book review, friends, Meg Donohue, summer, William Morrow 2

Written By: Meg Donohue

Published By: William Morrow an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers

Length: 264 pages

Source: Galley from author

Kate, Vanessa and Dani grew up together in Philadelphia, attending the Philadelphia Friends School.  Each summer they would vacation together in Avalon NJ, along the shore.  These three have shared most of their youth together, but adulthood has challenged them.  Vanessa is now living in New York, married, mother of one, looking like she has it all, but often wanting to scream because she doesn’t recognize herself.  Kate has stayed in Philly, post law school and she’s working herself all the time.  Her fiance has just broken up with her…and this is after the invitations are out.  Add to that Kate has also just found out she’s pregnant.  Dani is living in San Francisco, telling everyone she’s writing her novel, yes the same one she’s been working on since graduating college.  Dani has been fired yet again, so she’s broke, and living with a collection of equally misguided unfocused people.

In an effort to support Kate, the three agree to ditch the planned bachelorette celebration in Vegas and head back to Avalon.  Dani’s dad still has his place there, right on the beach, and while the women have been away since the summer their lives all changed one night long ago.  Things must be said, be settled, but at what cost?

This book is just screaming out for a beach chair, a cool drink and ready to be read!! The story moves quick, leaving the reader no down time, as each of the women consider their current lives and realize how much they’ve missed each other and Avalon.  These are the kinds of friends who know the foods and drinks you like, know your morning habits and weaknesses and love you anyway.  These are the friends who know your frailties and work to make you strong again.  I loved the bond they had for one another.  The eight years that have passed have left them each with regrets and questions about what happened that summer.  Holding secrets never helps anyone.

Meg Donohue has written a book that is nostalgic and warm and yet reminds of the mistakes that are made in our youth.  It also reminds the reader how invaluable friendships are.  I wanted to grab my best friends, tell all our families to manage on their own and head to our own Avalon Beach house!!

I’ve given this book 4 out of 5 stars, it’s a quick read, one that just takes you away.  Pick up a copy and head to the beach, pool, your backyard or just a comfy chair.  Meg Donohue is also the author of HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE, another yummy read!

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  1. Anita

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! It sounds like one that I would, too.

    When my turn comes around for book club, I might have to search your blog. 🙂

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