Book Review: Looking for Me & Give-a-way!

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Written By: Beth Hoffman

Published By: Pamela Dorman Books/Viking May 28, 2013

Length:  368 pages

Source: Galley sent by author

Teddi Overman was raised in a rural Kentucky, her father a farmer, her mother a housewife, her brother a lover of nature.  Teddi found her own passion when she saw in furniture what no one else could.  It may have started with an old chair, but it was just the beginning. Teddi’s mother didn’t understand her love for refurbishing old furniture, all her mom could see was a hobby and wanted something steady for her daughter.  When her mom gave her a typewriter after high school, Teddi shuddered and left it behind.  With some money in her pocket and the old car her daddy had taught her to drive she ran off into the night with a dream and a business card, headed to Charleston.

Teddi continues to build her life and eventually her own business in Charleston.  She makes life long friends.  Her world is rocked when her brother, Josh, disappears.  She returns home and helps with the search, knowing Josh is more than a capable hiker and rock climber she still worries.  Over the years Teddi often returns to Kentucky to search for Josh, leaving him messages in the woods he loved so much.  She holds onto a strained relationship with her parents, but does move her grandmother closer to her in Charleston.  Teddi is repeatedly drawn back to the farm and her former home, holding onto hope, and love.

This is the second novel by Beth Hoffman, having loved SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT, I knew I’d be rushing to read this one.  Beth writes in a way as to take the reader into the story, the details are vivid, the landscape, the homes, the small accessories found in rooms and nooks and crannies.  Beth gives character descriptions just as well, reading along the reader can almost begin to think like Teddi, sensing her desires, passions, frustrations with her family and the unanswered questions.  Beth also teaches us lessons in animal preservation and rehabilitation in this book, something I wasn’t expecting, but adored. 

Teddi is a character still searching, no longer a girl, but a woman with a successful business and an eye for art and style.  Easily obsessed with the mystery surrounding her brother’s disappearance there are times when Teddi seems to falter a bit in managing her work and life.  She’s kept her heart to herself and doesn’t open it to a relationship with a man…..and while she has good friends, she can be lonely.  She has a quirky older lady who one can’t really call a customer because she conveniently “takes” small objects from her shop.  Teddi has frustratedly been billing the woman’s son for years for the things she takes, but it’s not easy to always catch her, or notice what’s gone.  An annoying ritual that eventually leads Teddi to understanding more about human frailties than she could have imagined.

This is a book worth savoring, but I doubt you can as I wanted to devour it, reading as must as I could to learn more.  I’ve given this a 5 out of 5 stars…I loved this book, loved the settings and characters and the emotions this book shared. You’re going to want this book!!  Read on for a special treat!

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  1. Beth Hoffman

    Oh, Anita …. thank you so much for your beautiful review! I was worried about what you’d think of it, and now I can breathe with relief. I’m delighted that you enjoyed Teddi’s story and honored that my novel has earned five stars!

  2. Gina D

    I also loved SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT and have heard good things about this book as well. Thanks for the review and hosting the giveaway!!

    funmail07 at gmail dot com

  3. theprincesston

    I so enjoyed reading your review. I have been looking forward to a new book by this author and am anxious to savor this one, (just as I did her first).

  4. Carl Scott

    I don’t use a lot of audiobooks but I’d certainly like to win this one. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Looking For Me, please enter my name in the draw. Thanks!

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