Vacation part 2-Atlanta, Decatur and Woodstock Georgia

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I left South Carolina last week, and headed a little over 2 hours to just outside of Atlanta.  Kevin’s brother Rob, wife Betsy and my niece Jenna live in N. Decatur.  What a lovely welcome, dinner was in the oven, I brought them lots of beer and it was great just to see them.  We don’t visit enough, and after spending 2 days with them I have no idea why!!  Had a great time.  They were fostering 2 kittens, and I’m not really into cats but who can resist kitties!!  They were so cute.  We went out for fabulous pizza in downtown Atlanta, Varasano’s, so so good, the thinnest pizza I’ve ever seen!  I have to admit most of what I did while visiting them was relax…so nice!

Friday I left their home and headed into downtown Decatur, what a cozy little square with all kinds of good food and trendy little shops, selling clothes, decor items and of course books!!  I was so happy to meet  Kim Brock and Alison Law for lunch.  Kim brought her three adorable kids, but I’ll admit her youngest, five year old Morgan is precious!!  I predict he will break hearts but keep people laughing all the way!  We had a great lunch at Raging Burrito, and chatted it up!!

We walked over to LITTLE SHOP OF STORIES a book store for children and teens, but they had many other books for everyone.  I met the owners and best of all I met a YA author who also happens to work there.  Terra Elan McVoy is a warm, welcoming, chatty woman.  Eager to share not just her books but her other favorite YA books and more.  She helped Kim’s daughter pick out several books.  As she and I discussed her books I settled on purchasing her newest book, Criminal.  I encourage you to check out her books. 

I said bye bye to Alison, Kim and company and headed to Buckhead and my hotel….ahhhh, what a nice time.  I was close to lots of shopping, eating and in a peaceful hotel room!  I rested and then I was picked up by another new friend, Jennifer Smeth from the blog Book-alicious Mama.  She took me to a wonderful place to eat, and indulged and ate and enjoyed.  It was so wonderful, we talked like we’d known each other for years and made plans for Saturday to visit her local Indie bookstore.

Saturday I drove about 30 minutes north of Atlanta to Woodstock Georgia, the home of FoxTale Book Shoppe.  It’s kind of tucked away, so after I found it I was greeted by the not just Jennifer and her daughter Bella but by two of the owners of the store.  What a welcome they gave out to this FL girl.  We browsed and talked books we’ve read and authors they have had in the store and are having back.  I was offered a taste of the local best iced coffee, sold at the farmer’s market…yumm.  I wanted to pick up something a had been meaning to read, and I found a copy of Eudora Welty’s The Collected Stories. 

I also picked up some notepads…and I have to say this place could easily become a home away from home if I was as close as Jennifer.  It’s not to be missed if you ever visit Atlanta…you won’t be sorry.  Jenner also took me to a local place for lunch, located in an old train depot.  Yumm, I had a burger with pimento cheese and a fried green tomato…you don’t get more southern than that!

Saturday night I went out with a former co-worker, we went to the mall and browsed and I visited my first Trader Joe’s, the only 2 in FL are hours from my home.  Very fun.  We had dinner at a brewery type restaurant.

I had a great trip…ate way to well, and came home with more books….no surprise!!  I am so lucky to have such book loving friends…..Thanks all!! 

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  1. bermudaonion

    Well darn, I could have taken you to Trader Joe’s here! lol It sounds like you had a great trip. I love Fox Tale Books and may go there in October for Susan Gregg Gilmore’s event.

  2. Beth Hoffman

    It was so wonderful to meet you in person, Anita! I’m glad you had such a fun trip that included so many books, fellow bloggers and authors! xo

  3. Nina Badzin

    My husband really wants to do some trips in the south! This sounds like a good one! (though I don’t think I could handle the summer heat.)

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