August–Conquering the Book Stacks!

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A few book bloggers and book addicts were talking several months ago and we came up with a plan…a month to buy no new books and trying to read as many books from our already overflowing shelves and stacks as possible. 

Some people have goals set, or themes, but as for me…I’ve just got one review copy of an August publishing book to read/review and the rest are from my long back log of copies, books I won, books I’ve bought…oh so many books.  I keep going back and forth on what I want to read next!!  I’ve still got a commitment for She Reads Book Club, and a few books from July and I don’t want them to get too old. 

Some days I look at all the books I have, and I wish I had time to read them all. 

August is also a super busy month for my family.  Adrienne will be moving to University at Buffalo NY, playing softball!! We leave next week to take her up…family road trip!  High school starts 8/14 for Nick, can’t believe he’ll be a sophomore this year.  Caitie also moves back to UNF mid August.  I think after 8/19 everyone will be in school and I’ll have things on some sort of schedule again. 

I’m also taking a facebook sabbatical during August…time to enjoy my family, some traveling and reading for pure pleasure!!!  

Right now I’m reading two books

I’m enjoying them both very much!!! So here’s to reading more of those great book filling my shelves…and spending more time with the family I love!!

4 Responses to “August–Conquering the Book Stacks!”

  1. Jennifer Hartling

    You do have a busy month ahead! Perfect month to NOT buy any more books πŸ˜‰ That’s my only real goal for CTBS, not bringing ANY new books into the house for the month. I have a zillion or so books on my shelves as it is πŸ™‚

  2. relief11

    Great idea to read what we have. To control the books, I make myself get rid of two books for every book I buy. Now that doesn’t help me when it comes to library books, of which I always have several stacks.

    But, in my own defense, I do make time to read them all: my own and the library’s.

    Glad I found you site.

  3. AL

    I love this idea and I’m totally on board. Except that I get kinda shaky just thinking about NOT buying a book this month. School textbooks don’t count–I have to buy those, so that’ll give me my fix. πŸ™‚

  4. Anita

    I love this quote by Henry David Thoreau: “Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.”

    I’m glad you can slip a few of your selections in with the books that you review.

    Happy Travels with the family!

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