The Decatur Book Festival – Day One

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Last weekend I attended the eighth annual Decatur Book Festival, held in historic and lovely downtown Decatur GA, just a hop skip and a jump outside of Atlanta proper.  I’m so lucky that my brother and sister in law live in Decatur and we had a free place to stay.  The attendance has now been revealed to have been 85,000, and it is the largest Independent book festival in the country.  Please check out this wrap up in Publisher’s Weekly by Paige Crutcher, who I had the great pleasure of meeting. 

I was making plans for which author panels to attend when low and behold….do you hear the heavenly choir?…there was an app for my iPhone!!  A wonderful app where I could pin events and make my own schedule…I was thrilled!! Sadly I had to miss events I wanted to attend, authors I didn’t get to meet, and until cloning is more easily achieved it is what it is.  So here is my recap…from just what I saw.

First up I was in the Decatur Library, thankfully all the events I attended were inside and nice and cool in comparison to the outdoor heat.  I was there to listen to Ann Hite and Karen Spears Zacharias, the panel was titled Hauntings and Healings.

Listening to these ladies was so wonderful, both telling stories set in the south.  They talked about their personal histories that led them to these stories.  Both books are published this month and they are traveling together to do many events…don’t miss them if they are near you.  I’ll be reading both books 
Next up I headed to lunch!!  Yeah I know, but I was having lunch with the ladies of She Reads.  Marybeth Whalen, Ariel Lawhon, Kimberly Brock, bloggers, Rhiannon of Ivory Owl Reviews, Jennifer of Book-alicious Mama, and Alison Law of Southern Spines. Not to mention  authors Joshilyn Jackson and Jessica Handler.  What a fun lunch we had!!
Next up I heard Jill McCorkle and Jennifer Haigh speak.  I’ve been a fan of both these authors for a quite a while, it was so good to hear them speak.  These are their newest books.
Next up I ran over to the Marriot Courtyard to hear Wendy Wax and Claire Cook speak.  These two authors were such fun, discussing their very different writing processes and how friendships typically play such a key role in their books.  This was a first time meeting for Claire Cook and I, wow what an amazing woman…big hugs!  These friends were an amazing duo together.  I’ve read Wendy’s lastest, and Claire’s book is on my nook…just waiting and begging for me! 
Last panel was titled Rights in Fiction, and the authors Minrose Gwin, Susan Rebecca White, and Susan Crandall discussed different rights.  I am thrilled that I’ve read one of their books, and again, the other two wait on my shelves.  Minrose Gwin has also written a non fiction about about the life of Medgar Evers.  It was nice to also stop and say “hey” to these ladies when the line for signing whittled down

I met so many nice people, sitting down next a lovely lady at my first panel and chatting, we had a mutual author friend and she too is an author, Janie Dempsey Watts.  I’m friendly so I just talked to people all over the place!  I was wiped out at the end of the day, but met my sister in law for dinner in Decatur Square and had another wonderful meal.  I’ll review day two next week!!  
Let me just add that including this event to your Labor Day weekend is a great idea!  There are things to see and do for every age group, no need to be bored!

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  1. Karen

    It was wonderful meeting you and I am so glad you had an opportunity to hear our road show! And 85,000! Wowzer! What a wonderful wonderful event. I, too, got to meet Claire Cook for the first time. Loved her. And loved catching up with Wendy Wax, and I’m am not ashamed to say I have a writer’s crush on Susan Rebecca White. I’ve been raving about her Place at the Table. A wonderful book.

  2. Anita

    You do get around, don’t you? đŸ™‚

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find you reviewing in a large newspaper or an online version some day!

    Keep it up and have fun!

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