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September 30, 2013 catching up, Monday, Weekly catch up 2

When my husband and I are retired, or when I have no more children at home will Monday be just another day?  Now it’s a return to work, school, routine, etc, etc. My goal is to always be upbeat, positive, ready to go, but my reality is…OMG it’s MONDAY! Fill up my coffee cup!! I volunteer at Nick’s high school on Monday mornings.  It’s just 3.5 hours, and it’s usually fun.  So I’m pulling up my big girl panties and going in….after the busy weekend we had!

It was homecoming weekend for Nick, football game Friday night, dance Saturday night.  He went with a group of friends, no date.  I think he had an ok time, but he didn’t stay for the whole dance.

Daughter Caitie came home from college for the weekend. She also brought her sorority little sister.  We enjoyed having both of them, very much!  They also helped us volunteer at the dance.  We were in charge of the shoe/handbag check.  My husband Kevin, ever the organized accountant had the bags lined up in groups of 10, over 280 of them.  Lots of pretty clothes and cute students, Gatsby was the theme..well done! 

After lunch out today and shopping we returned home, sending Caitie and Alanah off to Jacksonville.  Reading was my plan, but a nap won out!! 

Many wonderful book releases coming this week…and all of October.  I’m trying to finish an egalley before it expires….eek, when will I learn? 

What I learn each opportunity I have to spend time with one of my 20 year old daughters is that they are indeed growing up so very well.  Caitie was a pleasure, I’m impressed with her sense of responsibility, her ability to balance a very demanding classes, and keeping active in her sorority and looking for a part time job. 

September closes out today, and here in Florida as October begins I finally think we may have cooler temps some day.  While it’s usually the last week of October before it feels cool enough to open up the windows and turn off the A/C, there is something to look forward to!! I miss the fall season most of all living here.  I miss the sights, smells and foods of fall.  Tomorrow’s high is expected to be 86…ugh!

I’m trying to pump myself up…..stop singing “Manic Monday” and get moving!!  Happy week to you all!

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    I have fantasies about the day when my kids are off at college, but when the day comes I’ll probably be a huge mess. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend!

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