Read-a-thon Saturday October 2013

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I wasn’t a blogger when a woman named Dewey, who blogged at The Hidden Side of a Leaf, began hosting a 24 hour Read-a-thon.  When she suddenly passed away in 2008 there was much sadness in the book blogging community.  I’ve read some of those old posts and comments, and I admit I got teary reading them. 

I believe it was 3 years ago that I attempted my first Read-a-thon, and sadly it was not very successful.  I was out of town with my husband. He was at a conference all day, but that evening we had to attend a dinner etc.  I did make the right decision to also sign up to be a cheerleader that first year.  I loved taking my unfocused thoughts to other book blogs to cheer others on! I also participated in small challenges…a great way to make me feel a little better about what I was doing, there was support and others participating. 

I’m happy this year’s date is on a weekend I’m not away from home, or committed to anything else.  I’m lovingly told my husband and son that while I don’t require 100% silence I am planning on reading or listening to audio all day.  My dilemma is to sleep until I wake up and just read from them, I’m a night owl so staying up til 2 or 3 is the norm. I could also attempt to get up and start at 8 or 9am and then I’ll likely either need to nap or go to bed early.  I have no idea!

I have some smaller books pulled out, and a book I am reading.  Here’s a picture I took today.  Sorry it’s small.

I have all kinds of snacks available, healthy and not so healthy.  I have plenty of drinks, coffee, water, iced or hot tea, diet soda. 

So here’s to everyone participating, or cheering or just thinking of those of us who are reading!!!  Have a great day of reading!!

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  1. Rita_h

    You go! Read at your own pace, take breaks when you need to, it’s all about fun! We are rooting for you to enjoy your day.

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