Read-a-thon Update Hour 12 begins

October 12, 2013 Dewey's 24 hour Read-a-thon, October 2013, Update 0

It’s now nearly 7:00pm, the 12th hour of the Read-a-thon.  I started reading @ 9:10am, I stopped for breakfast, lunch, snacks a bit and a few twitter updates.

I’ve read two books and about 1/4 of another book.  I finished these two, totaling about 430 pages.

 Now I’m going to eat some dinner, and try to finish the book I started earlier, it’s very good, but I needed a bit of a break.  My dream is to finish that, and one more short book….we shall see.  I’m a night owl, so 2-3 am is not a big deal for me…..but I have to be up and out early tomorrow, not the best situation, but is what it is.  
Happy reading all you participating!!

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