Remembering JFK, Fifty Years Later

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I was a 3, almost 4 year old child living in a suburb of Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963.  My cousin’s first child Jeff was born in Dallas on that day.

My parents were very involved Democrats, and in fact ran a Kennedy campaign office in 1960.  My parents were proud and honored to be part of the welcoming group waiting at The Trade Mart for President and Mrs Kennedy and his entourage on November 22, 1963.  When the news of the shooting came there was chaos and tears.  I grew up knowing my parents close proximity to Kennedy that awful day.  My dad was flying to Austin that afternoon to attend a dinner in honor of the President.

Just a few years ago my husband, kids and I were visiting my parents in the Dallas area, and we went to The Sixth Floor Museum.  My fascination with the Kennedy family has been long standing, and I was excited to share this piece of history with my children.  While touring and listening to audio information and looking a photos we came across a large photo of the people at the Trade Mart, and my mom had told me to look for her, they saw her in the picture.  Sure enough, my mom with her bright red hair and navy blue suit was visible.  It gave me chills.  When we were leaving the museum we happen to meet one of the curators and they asked us several questions and I mentioned about my parents and their connection.  I was able to put them in touch with one another and now my parents oral history of that day in November is part of their collection.  You can read a bit about it on the website and search my parents’ names, Charles and Bonnie Sanders.

While much has been written and many negative tales have been told, I still hold fast to that vision my parents had of a country they were proud to be part of, a leader they believed in and one of the saddest days of our history. 

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