Sunday Meanderings

December 29, 2013 dec 2013, sunday meanderings 1

While it seems like I’ve abandoned my blog, I have in fact been busy with family and holidays.  Let me add that having your college kids and your 86 year old mother in your home will slow down most people’s ability to read or spend time online. 

I have been watching movies, talking, cooking, visiting other relatives, and thoroughly enjoying my time with family.  My mom leaves tomorrow after a week with us.  She can get on my last good nerve, but I’ve also cherished this time.  She is a great mother, but aging has changed her in many ways.  She was never an optimistic type she tends to see the glass half empty.  She worries about things none of us can change or predict.  She moves slower, and  more tentatively, easing her walker along the way.  I often compare my aches and pains to my memory of my mom at my age…I need to pick it up a bit! My mom was quite active until just a few years ago. 

Christmas Day was wonderful, good time with ones I love.  Remarkably everyone was happy with their gifts.  It was a day of eating and relaxing. 

I had a birthday, and celebrated with a day of some shopping and dinner out with Kevin. 

I’ve read less this month than any this year, I’ve only completed three books, one is a January pub date.  I may finish another one before Wednesday. 

My list of favorite books of 2013 will be up later this week.  Hope this season has been good to each of you!!

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  1. bermudaonion

    You were so lucky to have your mom with you! My mom will be 87 in January and I can’t talk her into coming up here. Our nephew came so Vance is here too and it’s so much fun to have them here.

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