Sunday Meanderings

January 5, 2014 Mizzou, Patty Chang Anker, Some Nerve, sunday, sunday meanderings 4

Well Hello!!  What a week it’s been.  My mom left on Monday morning, and because I was so thrilled to be alone I considered not coming home! Instead I drove thru Starbucks and used my birthday free beverage reward! 

The week consisted of cleaning up the house, taking down the Christmas decorations, and putting some order back in our lives.  Okay, I tried the order thing, but my kids are on Winter Break and are not anxious for it to end.  I’ve also decided to attempt to organization and de-cluttering around here.  A generous author and new twitter friend sent me a book to help. 

Patty Chang Anker was just tweeting about desk organization and I replied, and she offered to send me a book and told me help was on the way. 
I received the book this week, and the chapters look great, I’ve skimmed some, and can’t wait to dig in more.

First up in organization is the ever growing, total hot mess of books in my house. I keep trying to shove them in all the nooks and crannies of created book shelves I have.  Saturday we went and bought 3 book shelves from Target.  I’m on the way to getting this one area cleaned up.  Kevin put two together for me and the third one will be complete today.  I’m so happy.

In other news our New Year’s Eve and day were quiet.  We stayed in, Nick spent the night at a friend’s house.

On Friday the girls headed up to Jacksonville.  Caitie’s classes begin Monday and so they went up to help her settle back in and for Adrienne to hang with her a bit.  I’ll meet them halfway on Monday to bring Adrienne home.  She’s here just this week and flies back North on Saturday.  We need to shop for new glasses and get her clothes all clean and pack her back up.  Friday night I was thrilled to watch the University of Missouri Tigers win the Cotton Bowl!! I graduated 31(gasp) years ago this past December.  Great memories and such fun to cheer from home!  M-I-Z!!

This week will bring the above mentioned plans, and two wrestling meets for Nick.  He returns to school on Tuesday, a new semester and new classes for him.  I know he has Pre-Calc and Honors World History but I have no idea what else he has.

I’m making some goals for reading and blogging, nothing huge, but hoping to post something 3-4 days a week consistently.  My reading pace fits that two reviews a week will be about right, some weeks three.  Looking at all the lovely un-read books I own is also helping me realize I must make it a priority to mix in books I own with advance copies of new books that I read.  It may force me to read less new books, but I’ve got to make change.

My Sunday plans…book organization fun, some reading and relaxing.  Hope you’re enjoying your day too!

4 Responses to “Sunday Meanderings”

  1. Lisa

    Sounds like you’ve got your hands full as long as the kids are still around! Every new year, I resolve to work on getting the house more organized. Then I work hard at it for a while but soon realize that it’s hard to really get the house organized if you’re the only person who will do it!

  2. bermudaonion

    Our “boys” left yesterday and today and I’ve been doing laundry like crazy. Tomorrow will be my first “normal” day in a while and I’m kind of looking forward to it even though I have lots of cleaning to do.

  3. Michelle S

    It feels good to take back your house, doesn’t it? Good luck with all the organizing and cleaning. It may be hard work but it will be so worth it when it is done.

  4. Sandy Nawrot

    I actually passed up the opportunity to go with the whole gang to see Anchorman 2 and put all the Christmas decorations away. I hate to do it, but it feels good once its done. Tomorrow is the day when I take a huge breath, dive underwater and swim for May.

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