Review: In the Blood

January 7, 2014 book review, familial traits, Lisa Unger, psychological thriller, secrets 3

Written By:  Lisa Unger

Published By:  Touchstone January 7, 2014

Length: 352 pages

Source: E galley via Edelweiss from publisher


Lana Granger lives a life of lies. She has told so many lies about where she comes from and who she is that the truth is like a cloudy nightmare she can’t quite recall. About to graduate from college and with her trust fund almost tapped out, she takes a job babysitting a troubled boy named Luke. Expelled from schools all over the country, the manipulative young Luke is accustomed to controlling the people in his life. But, in Lana, he may have met his match. Or has Lana met hers?

When Lana’s closest friend, Beck, mysteriously disappears, Lana resumes her lying ways—to friends, to the police, to herself. The police have a lot of questions for Lana when the story about her whereabouts the night Beck disappeared doesn’t jibe with eyewitness accounts. Lana will do anything to hide the truth, but it might not be enough to keep her ominous secrets buried: someone else knows about Lana’s lies. And he’s dying to tell.

My Thoughts:  
Things are rarely what they seem. As Lisa Unger takes her readers on a journey with Lana Granger, who is terribly damaged, you sense that something more is wrong, something is missing.  

Everything about the setting is bleak, it’s winter in upstate NY, cold.  Lana is a college student, studying psychology, a perfect choice for a young woman with such a twisted past.  Lana is either closed to most people or lying. 

The story is told in Lana’s voice, first person, and through diary entries from an unknown source.  Lana is smart,cunning, and knowing.  When she meets Luke she does not under estimate him, she knows the type of person he is.  Is this because of her studies, or something more?

Accidents and mystery seem to follow Lana, as Beck is not the first person to go missing on her campus. The first girl was found dead, also a friend of Lana’s.  

Every chapter, every page of this book left me eager for more. The answers were not simple, the tale so dark and twisted it kept getting better.  I loved this book!! I didn’t figure out the secrets Lana held so close, I didn’t know what Luke really had in mind for Lana.  I didn’t know what happened to Beck.  

This is the first book I’ve read by Lisa Unger, but it most certainly will not be my last.  I love a psychological thriller and this is one of the best I’ve read in a while.  I’m excited that I’ll be attending a reading next week to meet Lisa, hoping to share an interview with her here soon. 


3 Responses to “Review: In the Blood”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    I’ve read a few of her books, and while I don’t remember them a month or two after I’ve finished them, they are highly entertaining. She is really good at cranking up the tension!

  2. Michelle S

    I want to say that I’ve read a book by Lisa Unger but I cannot for the life of me remember which one. Perhaps I am thinking of a different author.

    I like these types of books because they are escapist literature but (typically) have more depth to them than women’s lit. Also, I’m a sucker for a great suspense novel. 😉

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