Sunday Meanderings

January 19, 2014 sunday meanderings 2

A bit late on the update, but that’s what reading until 2 am will get you!!!
It’s been a crazy crazy week. A big change for our family and one of my kids, but while I’m leading you on, I’m going to leave you hanging a big.  I’m not really ready to share all that is happening.  All are well, just change of plans and colleges.  These thoughts and actions dominated my week, it was difficult. 

The week before on January 9th I discovered on facebook my hair stylist had suddenly passed away. She had flown to Mexico the week before for gastric sleeve surgery and returned three days before her passing.  Internal bleeding was the cause.  I was not super friends with her, but over two years you do build a relationship.  I was shocked.  She was 3 days away from her 38th birthday, so very young.  She leaves behind 3 sons under 16. 

Life has returned to a routine pace, Nick in school, Kevin working, me running around.  I finished two books last week.  I’m moving so slowly on my audio books it’s depressing.  I spend less time in the car, and I am having trouble settling into a routine of listening at home.  At this pace I’ll never finish THE BOOK THIEF, or be able to see the movie. 

If you haven’t entered, today is the last day to enter to win a signed copy of IN THE BLOOD by Lisa Unger.  It was a fabulous psychological thriller!! 

Nick won his conference JV wrestling tournament yesterday!! His season of wrestling is over.  Varsity continues with Districts, Regionals, and States into February.  He’ll still work out and practice.  So proud of him! 

Today…well I woke up at 11am!! Kevin went to his office to get some quite time and clear his desk.  Nick spent the night at a friend’s house.  I’m alone with Bella and plan to read.  The grocery store is also calling my name…ugh.  This week includes dental appointments, I’m having a back molar repaired. A large filling and part of a tooth broke off. My first repair and cap, not thrilled. 

Hoping you have a lovely day…and the start to a productive week. 

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  1. Rhonda

    Good luck to,your daughters kids don’t realize how much we worry when they make changes

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