Sunday Meanderings

January 26, 2014 sunday meanderings 5

Good afternoon!  The morning was over before I could sit down and write. 
We went shopping after brunch. Tomorrow is my son’s 16th birthday. He didn’t get his driving permit until April, so he’s got three months before he can get his actual driver’s license. So instead of car insurance, a car, driving accessories, he chose new running shoes. 

I’ve been feeling a bit emotional and stressed the past couple of weeks.  After Adrienne returned to UB in New York she called crying very hard, she was beyond unhappy and wanted to come home.  She is unhappy and no longer loves softball.  My heart was breaking for her, but we were so shocked. For the past 8 years her dream was to play college softball.  She played 2 years at a State College, and then was picked up by a D1 University, the top level in college sports.  Her dream….but dreams become reality and perhaps change.  While she keeps saying she no longer loves softball, we also know it was hard for her.  School plus softball was a time consuming combo, and she never felt great at either at UB. Her grades were not as high, her time was completely eaten up with school, studying, softball.  So with the tears and crying, we yes told her to do what she wanted, she gave up her scholarship, withdrew from school(no classes had started) and she packed what she could to come home.  She spent a few days in Pittsburgh with her girlfriend, drove 12 hours to Atlanta and stopped to spend night with family. Stopped one night in Jacksonville to stay with her sister. Friday she arrived home.

Her plan is to find a job this semester. Apply to a FL University, maybe UNF where her sister is, and the attend summer school…and on.  She should be able to transfer with little problem.  I love Adrienne, she’s a great kid, she is also my challenging child.  Two days home and I’m stressed….I want to give it up to God, to this too shall pass, to it’s her future and she’ll figure it out, but instead I worry, I agonize over how we’ll manage her living expenses at school.  She’s one minute saying how she’d like to work here or there, but then well I hope I can find a’s not my fault the economy is bad.  I want to smack her then.  Parenting is so hard.  I go between, happy, just fine, stressed, and in tears…usually in a matter of minutes. 

I did finish two books this past week. That was a good thing.  I made reading plans for February. I have a few book events I’d like to attend too.  We shall see. 

I hope your Sunday has been just what you need to re-fuel your mind and body. 

5 Responses to “Sunday Meanderings”

  1. bermudaonion

    I don’t think what she’s going through is that uncommon. A friend of mine’s niece did the same thing but she played field hockey. The sport becomes a full time job while they’re in school and it’s just too much. I am sure your daughter will figure it all out.

  2. Heather @ Book Addiction

    My sister-in-law played college softball, also on scholarship, and you’re right, it completely takes over your life. She barely had a social life, wouldn’t have been able to get a part-time job if she needed to, and didn’t have a lot of time for studying. I don’t blame your daughter for feeling the pressure.

  3. Elisabeth

    Have been down a similar road. I know you are overwhelmed right now, but trust your daughter and your good parenting job. Faith and patience got us through many a crises. Kids can be so exasperating and create stress and worry in their parents but I know she will be fine.

  4. Sandy Nawrot

    I feel for you. I tend to take on my kids’ anxieties and emotions, even though often there is nothing I can do for them but be supportive. I think ultimately they have to find their way, BUT we don’t want an adult child living with us for 10 years either! Ha! It is a fine line. I’m sure this realization has rocked her world too, but once she gets her head around it, she will land on her feet 🙂

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