Sunday Meanerings

February 9, 2014 sunday meanderings 5

Good afternoon!! I hope today finds you in some mode of relaxation and rest.  I grew up with a fairly common Sunday routine, church, home, relaxing.  If no church then sleeping in, Sunday papers, and relaxing.  I admit I miss the days of blue laws and no shopping or rushing around on Sundays. 

This past week has been busy.  The week before my daughter went out and applied for many different jobs in town. I’m happy to say she was hired to work part time in a sporting goods store, it’s a small chain and sells mostly shoes, clothing and some equipment.  She is enjoying thus far. 

Nick was moved up to varsity wrestling due to an injury of another athlete.  I felt bad the other boy broke a rib and is out, he is also a senior so it’s his last year of high school sports.  Nick wrestled in our district tournament and took 3rd place which qualified him for the regional tournament.  The two day event was the last two days and talk about intense! Nick was in a pool of 16 in his 113 pound weight class. I’m so very proud of him, he finished tied for 6th place, or in the top 8.  As a 2nd year wrestler and one who wrestled JV all season this was very good.  We saw some amazing athletes from 106lb up to heavyweight–285lb. 

The regional wrestling tournament was just 40 min south of Jacksonville and so my daughter Caitie was able to join me for the tournament and I stayed Friday night at her apartment.  I love it when she says, well yeah, you and dad pay my rent, of course you can stay…ha ha.  I had a really nice visit with her. 

My reading has been all over the place.  I finished just one book, and decided to abandon another book I’d been really looking forward to.  I just keep telling myself there are too many good books and not everyone I think will appeal to me does.  Hoping to finish the audio I’ve been listening to, and to choose something new.  I’ve got an audible account and MANY audio books in my library. 

So today Adrienne is working, Nick has gone to a friend’s house and Kevin and I have a few hours of quiet.  He wants to clean out a hall closet we have.  It’s used for linens, luggage, extra toilet paper and tissues, and “stuff”. Do you have a closet like this?  It needs cleaning out, organizing, decluttering.  I’m not looking forward to this task.  We need a few things from the grocery too.  It’s a gorgeous sunny day after 2-3 days of clouds and drizzle. Sorry my northern friends, sunny and low 70’s is the forecast, so lovely.

One last thing, I’ve shared pictures on social media, but here is a little collage of our new dining room furniture.

Wishing you the start to a wonderful week!!

5 Responses to “Sunday Meanerings”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Love your new dining room table! And I love today’s weather. It has been really crappy lately, so sun was nice this morning. Wrestling is a really intense sport. My son was into it, but then got a pretty bad back injury that laid him up for months. Now he seems a little hesitant to go back to it. I’m planning on doing a little napping and reading today!

  2. Beth Johnson

    Yahoo Nick! I have mixed feelings about the wrestling world…

    Love your dining room furniture! I am going tobstart picking 4 books a month to read and MAKE myself read them

  3. Meg @ write meg!

    I think all my closets fit the description you’ve given, haha… but especially one in the hallway. It’s full of luggage, folding chairs, paper towels, wrapping paper, miscellaneous decorations and coats and… well, I’ll quit before you’ve fallen asleep. It’s always so good to get organized, though!

    Love the new table — looks lovely! Happy (end of the) weekend!

  4. bermudaonion

    It’s in the 60s here today so I’m not too jealous. I’m with you, there are times when I think the blue laws were not such a bad thing. Your dining room looks terrific!

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