I’ts Friday…Getting Over the Crud, Reading, etc

February 21, 2014 Amy Hatvany, Ariel Lawhon, books, friday, Reading, Savannah Book Festival, Sick Recovery 3

I can’t believe it’s Friday!! I returned home from the Savannah Book Festival on Sunday evening with a scratchy throat. Monday morning I woke up sick sick sick!  By Tuesday I gave up and called the Dr. and got medicine to clear up my chest  congestion, sore throat, throbbing head, blah blah blah.  I can happily say I’m feeling almost myself again, it’s been a heck of a week. 

I know reading is a hobby, but it’s also a passion, part of how I describe myself and when I was so so sick I missed all kinds of reading time to sleep and recovery.  I’ve been able to read more the last two days….feeling better.  Back to some reviews next week.  I am on track to finish another book today…my #FridayReads is the upcoming fifth novel from Amy Hatvany, Safe with Me.  Just block out a day when you begin reading it.  It’s that good.  I also finished The Wife, The Maid, and The Mistress by Ariel Lawhon.  Love it yet again when I learn an unknown to me piece of history that had been lovingly embellished into fabulous Historical Fiction.

In an effort to read what I own, in audio I’ve headed back to a 2011 release, 2012 Audible purchase of Elizabeth Berg’s Once Upon a Time, There Was You.  Good listen, oddly interesting when also reading a book with a teen daughter.  Hope to finish this one up this weekend. 

Savannah was a literal and culinary success!  Doing most things very well I completely enjoyed the Book Festival, there were many authors speaking I wasn’t able to attend, Six venues, six time  slots and just one me.  Naturally I tried to choose my favorites but yes I missed authors I’d long loved.  I often wonder how much it would cost to record and stream these events.  C-Span2 Book TV recorded several non fiction events.  It was especially nice to get away with just Kevin and I.  We ate totally local and tried all new eateries…no complaints. 

So I’m back…just in time for the weekend…hope you have some time to relax and enjoy a good book!!

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  1. Meg @ write meg!

    Yay for feeling better! I’ve been sick on and off for months, and it’s definitely no fun. I’m hoping the worst of the winter (and its illnesses) has passed us. Safe With Me sounds very interesting — will look for your thoughts!

  2. Lisa

    You know a reader is really sick when they don’t even feel good enough to read when they’re not up and about! Glad you’re feeling better and that the book festival trip was so great.

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