Savannah Book Festival 2014

February 23, 2014 Kelly Corrigan, Melanie Benjamin, Savannah Book Festival, Wally Lamb, Wiley Cash 4

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of spending my day in historic and gorgeous Savannah.  The events were held around Telfair and Wright Squares.  Six venues, six time slots and difficult choices on who to see.  Bad weather impacted just a few authors and time schedules were changed. According to Publisher’s Weekly and Paige Cruther the festival was attended by 9,000 people, lower than expected.

Here is a copy of the schedule:

Right away you can see how difficult it was to choose just one author at each time slot.  I choose to see Kelly Corrigan first, I fell in love with her years ago when I discovered her viral video Transcending and her book The Middle Place.  Her new memoir is Glitter and Glue, and it was very good.  Listening to her was just as I’d expected, she was warm and honest and had us laughing and a few tears too.   The book festival has all the authors signing in one author tent, with lines set up.  Fairly organized and effective for this size  festival.  
I next listened to Wiley Cash, joined by my husband who had been off grabbing treats from The Back in the Day Bakery.  Wiley’s talk was humorous and entertaining, I enjoyed listening to his journey and how he came to his newest book, The Dark Road to Mercy.  I think he is a powerful voice in southern fiction, and meeting him was a pleasure, so nice to do that after so many tweets! 
I then went into a packed house to hear Wally Lamb speak, also a first and he was amazing.  I admit I read his first book long ago and have practically forgotten it.  I have all his books in one form or another, and I’m going to make time to read We Are Water very soon.  
Time for a little lunch, a local place brought in some trucks and we were able to go into the museum lobby to get out of the brisk wind.  Then it was into the beautiful Telfair museum auditorium to hear Melanie Benjamin speak.  She is a natural entertainer, former actor and her story of becoming an author. I have her book, The Aviator’s Wife on my shelf, a blog win last year and I look forward to reading it.
My last choice, a new author to me, Lis Wiehl, Snapshot, the crowd was filled with adoring Fox News fans, a little scary for this liberal viewer…ha ha.  Lis has a very diverse background in law and media.  She’s also co-written several crime/thriller books.  Her father worked for the FBI and did extensive work in Dallas Fort Worth after the Kennedy assassination.  Her book began when her father gave her a picture that had been taken of her during a civil rights rally in Ft. Worth.  I’m looking forward to the read.
There were so many other choices I could have made, but I was pleased with the authors I heard. 
One other bonus is running into friends at a book festival.  The lovely Alison Law and her husband were also in Savannah..this was a great hug!


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  1. Anita

    I would have absolutely loved being there! I read the first Wally Lamb book years ago, too, and have always wanted to read The Middle Place.

    You’ve piqued my interest in attending some nearby festivals in my state. Years ago, I went to the festival on the Washington, DC Mall. It’s always in September. Who knows – maybe I’ll get back.

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