Sunday Meanderings

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Happy Sunday afternoon!! What a beautiful day here along the east Central Florida coast, low 70’s and sunny…the kind of picture post card day we love to talk about!

I can’t believe today is March 2, wow February flew by!  I completed 7 books, 2 were audio, so those numbers are fairly low!  I lost an entire week to bronchitis, and a weekend to a book festival.  I bought at least 5 paper books in February, 3 I had read in e galley but purchased and had signed.  Is this an important acquisition for you?  I don’t typically buy books at book signings just to have them…I’ve usually read the book or it’s an author I will read. 

Our daughter Caitie came home this weekend, first time since winter break she’s been home.  Nice to have her here.  We went out to eat, she got her hair cut, we did a little shopping and had a good visit.  She left after an early dinner today. 

Adrienne received her formal acceptance to UNF, and she’s so excited she’ll be heading up to Jacksonville for summer term and on to finishing her last 15 or so classes to graduation.  Our two girls will be sharing an apartment…who would have thought that…not me! 

Looking forward to a healthy week for all of us.  Kevin is recovering now from what I had.  March has some wonderful new book publishing, and I’m heading to the Atlanta area for a few days in mid month for some author events and to visit my brother and sister in law and niece.  Good times and good friends!

Tonight the Oscars, and unlike my film loving friends I’ve seen ONE nominated movie..yep sad indeed.  I love watching for the dresses and I will watch the awards..nice evening. 

Wishing you a wonderful week!!

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  1. Rhiannon Johnson

    Wasn’t yesterday gorgeous!? I sat on my back patio and read magazines for 5 hours!! What an absolute luxury. That is so neat that your girls will be sharing an apartment. It has to make you feel good that even though they are away, they are together. What have you read lately and loved? Hated? I’m still raving about When Beauty Slept and give major thumbs down to Black Moon. Have a great week. See you in the Twittersphere.

  2. Rhiannon Johnson

    I forgot to click the follow up comments email box & I can’t remember if they will auto or not so just to be safe I’ll click on this one. lol

  3. Sandy Nawrot

    I echo Kathy’s sentiments, I’m glad Adrienne has found her direction. I’m sure that change was unsettling to her (and you!). I almost feel guilty about how gorgeous our weather has been, when 75% of the country has had the worst winter in decades. I watched the Oscars to the bitter end last night. I actually had seen all the nominated ones (LOL) so I was invested. Nothing that happened last night was a surprise.

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