Celebrating A Place at the Table in Paperback

March 6, 2014 A Place at the Table, book spotlight, PB release, susan rebecca white 1

Last summer I had the pleasure of reading Susan  Rebecca White’s novel, A Place at the Table.  I simply loved the book, the bond it showed between family and friends.  How a person who is different either in sexual orientation or race can find their own way. 

Now this book is available in paperback and is a Target Club Pick too!! You can head to your own Target and pick up a copy, it may even be one of the signed copies that Susan spent untold hours signing.  I’m loving the new paperback cover too.

A major theme in A Place at the Table is that of food, and how food takes us home.   As a born and raised southerner I don’t know why but I feel like the family foods and traditions of my heritage run deep.

My mother tells the story of her limited cooking skills when she married my dad at just 17.  She could make cornbread.  My dad had been made a “cook” in the US Navy during WWII.  So while he could throw together food for a crew, he didn’t know a lot.  They muddled through, my mom doing what most of us do, returning to our own mothers with questions and watching as they cook.  I come from a line of simple people, with honest down home cooking.  Frying and boiling and baking.  My mom was raised on a farm and they always had chickens and home grown fresh veggies.  I was raised on southern veggies, fried or boiled, okra, yellow squash, green beans, greens, good to eat, not so healthy!  My mom is now 86 and cooks very little, but she’s passed along my childhood favorites, and some have become my own children’s favorites.  Chicken and dumplings, cornbread, coconut and chocolate pies, and the famous hotcakes(pancakes) a recipe daddy brought from the Navy.  She always made the batter and he always cooked them…..gosh I miss my daddy.

I hope you’ll visit Susan’s website and check out all her books.  No tour for this paperback release as Susan and her husband are expecting their first child in a few weeks!  Wishing her much happiness, and you happy reading with A Place at the Table.

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