Sunday Meanderings

March 9, 2014 sunday meanderings 3

I’ve been thinking–
About blogging and reading and how I need to find a balance. I sometimes find myself feeling rushed to finish books.  I also find myself guilty about what I’m not reading…really…reading is for fun/relaxation.
About how I’m so happy my daughter Adrienne will be moving out mid May…love her but she sooo needs to be living away from home at this point..ha ha.
About my trip to the Atlanta area in 2 days…all about family, friends and books…can’t wait.
About my mom…who I’ve been not keeping in better touch with, shame on me.

Busy mind as you can see. 

That’s about it for now…it’s beautiful even for March Florida standards outside here.  I’m going to get outside and enjoy it!!
Have a wonderful week!!

3 Responses to “Sunday Meanderings”

  1. bermudaonion

    Finding that balance is hard. I find myself wondering about my next book before I finish my current book and that is just wrong.

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. Sandy Nawrot

    Well, you know where I stand on the blogger balance! Ha! I certainly am enjoying my reading a lot more and worrying less about “getting to those reviews”. There is just too much going on around my house to do it all. Someday I might come back to it full time. We’ll see!

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