Sunday Meanderings and Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014 Mother's Day, sunday meanderings 3

It’s a Sunday, where I occasionally catch everyone up on what’s been happening.  It’s also Mother’s Day, not just a Hallmark moment, but perhaps some time to reflect on the moms we have, the moms we have become and the women who have been like moms in our lives.

It was a crazy mixed up week.  Caitie had been home last weekend, her semester over, she came home to visit and also see my sister and her husband and they passed thru town.  We had a blast.  She went back to Jacksonville Monday, working all this past week and prepping for summer classes which begin tomorrow. 

Adrienne finished working Monday night, and left Tuesday early for Buffalo and packing up the last of her things and turning in her apartment keys.  Bitter sweet in many ways that is behind her now.  Her girlfriend Lauren was able to drive up from Pittsburgh and spend the 3 days with her.  Adrienne has now moved from here to Jacksonville and sharing a room with Caitie until they move to new apt in July.  Also taking summer classes her new academic adventure begins.

Nick has begun wrestling with a club team in Orlando, and it’s a grueling 3 nights a week along with school and weight lifting.  He’s happy but I’m keeping an eye out for him having too much.  School is done in just 3 weeks…yay!!  We are pushing him to get a job since he can now drive and he needs to contribute some to his car insurance…ugh.

My sister Ouida is recently retired!!  Yay for her!  She and her husband are also full time RV’ers.  It’s a brave new world and they are spending their summer on Cap Cod and being part time Work Kampers.  She’s started a blog, and I hope you’ll consider dropping by.  She took a huge back of books from my house and finished one on the drive up….she reads mostly from her e reader, space is a huge issue even in their lovely motorhome.  Follow her here.  MOTORHOMIN’

On the topic of moms…I’ve always felt blessed, well temper always with those nasty teen years and a few as a young adult where we didnt’ often see eye to eye.  My mom like most is not perfect, but she was very dedicated to her role in our family.  She had a few PT jobs but her primary focus was our family.  There were four of us kids, I am the youngest and there is a 12 year age span, so she likely felt like she was raising kids forever!  She was strict in some ways, and a pushover in others.  She was a good housekeeper, kept our laundry done and we always had good food.  She was an amazing cook, and she made pies like no one else.  She did it all, girl scout leader to my troop, hauling kids for soccer, band, etc.  She loved her soap operas when I was little, and she always loved to garden and arrange flowers.  We had to make our bed daily, and we all had chores.  She was the CEO of our house, kept it running.  Daddy worked for the money, but momma knew where it all went.  She liked shopping and buying clothes for herself and me, I guess all of us kids.  She sewed many of my older sister’s clothes.  I remember Mom’s Weekend when I was in college, she would come up and do all the activities they had planned and take me out to eat too!  Mom is now 86 and moving much slower, but she is still my mom.  She developed a real passion for reading a few years ago and I’ve been able to share my new discoveries with her and my sister.  I would say those two women shaped who I was as a mother.  My sister had her first daughter at age 20, same as my mom.  I was 8 years old and a little jealous, but when I became a mom they were my go tos for how to manage.  I would have been a hot mess without them!

I’ve been enjoying a quiet day.  Kevin went out for donuts for my breakfast, a treat I don’t indulge in often.  He’s let me read and nap and just relax.  I am beyond blessed with my family.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend, and if you’re a mom being spoiled and if your mom is still with you, I hope you shared your love with her!! 

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! I’ve had such a nice day, even though hubby isn’t here. So does your son wrestle with the Jets over here on Alafaya Trail? They are definitely THE place to go here for wrestling. That is where Ryan was training last year until he had that back injury and now I think he is gun shy. I am very much ready for the end of school. I need a break in the routine.

  2. Anita

    Did I understand correctly… that Adrienne has left Buffalo and not going back?

    Good to hear you mention “those nasty teen years” because I’m in those years now! It’s not too bad, but definitely mentally, and sometimes physically, exhausting!

    I enjoyed reading the story of your childhood days with your Mom, siblings, and Dad. 🙂

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