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I’m thrilled to be part of a media blitz for AS IS, by Rachel Michael Arends, a debut novelist.  

Rachel has graciously written a guest post for me today, so here she is!!

Thanks for inviting me to guest post on your blog! You asked what it’s like to be a debut author and I’m happy to (finally) be able to answer that question.

As most writers who make it to publication know, the road here is winding and treacherous and full of weird detours. To those few who traveled a short, straight, paved path in lovely weather: congratulations and I hate you. The upside of my often horrible path, with its constant rejection, is that my expectations now rest comfortably on the ground, and anything good that happens feels like winning the lottery.

What’s it like to be a debut author? I’m writing this a week ahead of AS IS’ publication, so I’m not quite sure yet. But I’ll tell you what it’s been like so far.

When my agent said he’d found a home for my three completed novels, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I was going to be a published author! I soon received an editorial letter for AS IS from Diversion Books, introducing all the members of the publishing house’s team who would be working on my book. The letter began with, “Howdy, I’m your editor!” So that was all happiness.

I reworked AS IS based on the editor’s suggestions, and we went back and forth, until we deemed the book ready. Then a copyeditor made suggestions, and I implemented those. The production person built the electronic and print files. She also sent my gorgeous cover! Lovely so far. 

Then the marketing woman had to prod me out of my acute social media phobia. I went through her checklist, creating accounts, and starting to build a web presence. There were tears. Cold sweats. Self-promotion is hard for me—way harder than writing the books. Apparently I’m shy? I never knew.

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Suzy–5’11,” movie star looks. She also happens to be a PhD Psychologist, which I have to say, came in handy. She’s very gregarious; I’ve never lunched with Suzy without her introducing me to the restaurant’s owner, or having other guests stop by the table to hug her, etc., etc.

I gave Suzy the only copy of AS IS I had, which Diversion had thoughtfully sent the day before. I did this near the end of lunch, but Suzy still showed it to the waiter. He (over-) acted impressed, asking what it was about. I froze and (over-) pretended to chew. For a long time. Until he gave up and went away.

Suzy shook her head. I protested that I don’t need to hand sell every waiter, but she seemed disappointed and said that “Zack” had cared. She also made me sign her copy. And she’s scheduling AS IS for her book club. 

Lunch with Suzy helped me discover an important truth: when your dream comes true, shyness just isn’t an option anymore. 

Thanks again for inviting me to guest blog! I appreciate it.  

Rachel Michael Arends lives in Cary, North Carolina, with her husband and three children, including twins. She has been a public library director, a corporate consultant, and she silently co-owns a successful software firm.

Gwendolyn Golden and Armand Leopold have been America’s go-to couple for home decorating tips, letting the cameras into their So Perfect house, their So Perfect life, their So Perfect marriage. 

One problem: it’s all an act. 

Actually, two problems: America just found out it’s all an act.

When a picture of Armand kissing another man hits the newsstands, everyone knows the jig is up. Both are evicted from their home and eviscerated by the press. While Armand deals with his very private life becoming very public, Gwen Golden returns home to Riveredge, a quiet town where her sick father, her angry sister, and the guy who got away still live. 

After years of pretending, Gwen has to rebuild her life for real. But while turning a new house into a home, and starting the next chapter of her life will be tough, reconnecting with the man she once loved may prove to be the most difficult of all.

With humor and charm to burn, Rachel Michael Arends has written a beautiful novel of rekindled romance, home improvement, and how only the truth can really set you free.

Purchase AS IS:

Thanks to Diversion Books for asking me to be a part of this Pub Day Blitz!!  I’m looking forward to reading As Is. 

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    Great advice, Rachel! I’m glad you overcame your “social media phobia” to share this post today. Congrats on your new books! Can’t wait to read! xo, Kristy Woodson Harvey

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