The Sunday Salon: My Week

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Happy Sunday evening!!  In a perfect world this would have been posted before noon, but because I was asleep at noon that didn’t happen.

I am a night owl by nature, and when I don’t have commitments like school for the kids, or a job to be up for etc, I tend to stay up and read too late, and sleep in.  This weekend I’ve been out of control.  I finished Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey on Friday night, about 4:30 am.  Last night I was caught up in One Plus One by Jojo Moyes…I wanted to keep reading but at 6:00am I had to give up and sleep.  Yep…I’m part vampire!

This week has been fairly quiet.  Our son Nick is done with his sophomore year of high school.  I was giving him the week to enjoy, not fuss too much or push him to look for a pt job.  He did that, he spent three nights at friends, went to the beach, pools at friend’s houses.  He worked out and went to wrestling two nights.  This next week he’s headed to Daytona Beach to volunteer at a national wrestling event for younger age kids.  He’ll be running time clocks etc.  He’s also staying right on the beach with a friend and his dad who is a coach.  I think he’ll have a good time!

I soothed the hurting heart of my daughter, and now a few days out she is doing well.  She was able to study for her test, and kept working this week.  I know she will  be fine in time.  Thank you all for your kind words of having been there done that.  I’m also very touched that she was able to come home to me.

So excited for an author event Thursday night to meet Lily Koppel the author of The Astronaut Wives Club.  She is on tour with the paperback release.  Look for a giveaway coming up!! She and I have been at several events but keep missing each other.  It will be nice to meet her, and listen to her speak.   ABC has a limited run 10 episode series based on her book starting later this summer.  Her publisher is Hachette, so appropriate the event is at Vero Beach Book Center, buy local!!

Some great reviews coming up this week, and a guest post by my friend and author Judy Walters.  When I feel I can’t read all the books I ask Judy to help out.  She’s the best!!

If you haven’t entered, I’m giving away a copy of The Midwife by Jolina Petersheim.  Click the link to the post. Open til midnight Tuesday.

So a week for just Kevin and I here at home, taking him to an author event, and enjoying our time.  A taste of life to come in just two years when Nick too will be off to college.  I’m not sure why so many fret the empty nest…I love my children, but I really enjoy my husband and I alone!!

Happy week and reading!

7 Responses to “The Sunday Salon: My Week”

  1. Michelle

    You just confirmed EXACTLY what I think about being an empty nester. I love spending time with Jim without the kids. Unfortunately, I have eight more years before that happens, but I may be counting down those years. Enjoy your alone time with your husband! It sounds wonderful!

  2. Judy

    Thanks for giving me a shout out for my reading and reviews…you know I always love doing them!

  3. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    I love staying up really late to finish a good book. I don’t think I’d ever make it to 6 a.m. — I am too much of an early-to-bed girl for that — but sometimes I can push it past midnight if I’m really in love with a story.

  4. Debbie D

    I just received a copy of Lily Koppel’s book. Now that I know a short series will be on tv later this summer I need to move it to the top of the stack!

    • Anita

      My plans changed and I wasn’t able to attend her event, so the book is back in the stacks for now. I’ll get to it.

  5. Ouida B

    Love that you asked Judy to do a guest review!!1 Maybe one day I’ll grow up enough to help out in the same way! Have a great week with Kevin!!

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