The Sunday Salon June 15

June 15, 2014 family, The Sunday Salon 4

TSSHappy Father’s Day!!  The two greatest men in my life are fathers, my own dad, Charles Sanders and my husband Kevin. My dad passed away in March 2013, and days like this are still hard.  On the other hand when I married Kevin I knew he would be a great dad.

My dad was the fun parent at our house, maybe it was easy because he wasn’t home with us all the time.  My dad loved to travel and learn about history, summer vacations and weekend camp outs were the norm.  My dad was slow to anger and quick to forgive.  He worked hard and had pride in his work and his ability to provide for his family.  I’m sure raising three daughters and a son were hard work, but he was always there for us.  My dad was never happier than when sharing a milestone with us, graduations, weddings, his grandchildren and all the other things that come with life.  I am the baby of the four of us, and my kids are  the youngest grandchildren.  When our twin girls were born my dad was overwhelmed with joy.  He arrived when they were three weeks old, coming to get my mom who had been with us before and after the girls were born.  He showed up bearing gifts, more clothes and special toys.  They were devoted to Papa, who was the best!!  My son was born nearly 5 years later and we gave him my dad’s last name as his middle name to honor dad.  I made him proud.  My dad was 88 years old when he passed away last year, and while his body and mind were worn out, and I am happy he is at peace, I still miss him.  I miss talking to him about politics and life, and knowing he could cheer me up and tell me everything would be ok.  Thank you Daddy for being a tough act to follow for the other man in my life.

Kevin was raised so similarly to me it’s uncanny.  Parents who were tough but loving, devotion to family and faith and more.  We always talked abut children and knew we wanted them.  Infertility and it’s frustration was hard, but we kept working on it, each cycle I didn’t get pregnant I think we went shopping, I had more shoes and a new puppy by the time we successfully conceived.  Kevin was thrilled if not a bit overwhelmed when we learned we were having twins.  When they arrived he was right by my side, giddy and thrilled they were healthy.  Kevin and I were true partners  in parenting.  Early years of feeding, bathing, diapers, and dressing babies was a lot of work, but we turned it into games challenging who could dress a baby faster, and then waving baby arms in the air chanting “We are the champions my friend”!!  Kevin has wiped butts and tears for all our kids, he has put together bikes, swing sets, and basketball hoops.  He’s driven to untold soccer, softball, t ball, basketball golf, tennis, football, and wrestling events.  He’s taught them all how to mow the lawn, but done more of it himself…ha ha.  He taught them all how to drive, and back up straight.  He’s adjusted to girls with over active hormones and a son who has no self doubt and has to be brought down to reality at times.  He would give them the world, and in most ways he has.  Allowing them to grow and be the independent adults we hope they will become.  I am so honored to call him my husband, and I hope our kids know what a selfless father he is.

OKAY!! Wiping the tears off keyboard..ahem. The quiet week of Nick away was lovely, though I admit I was very lazy.  I read a ton, didn’t cook much and enjoyed being alone with Kevin.  We picked up Nick yesterday in Daytona Beach and he came home and slept 16 hours!  Naturally now he’s over at a friend’s house….the life of a teen.

I read 3 books last week, really good for me!  I’m having such a good run of books, makes me very happy.

This week I’ll be flying to Dallas to visit my mom for a few days.  I miss her like crazy and since my sister is now full time RVing she needs some daughter love…ha ha.  BTW, my sister’s blog is looking good, check it out. Motorhomin’.   In addition to lots of Mom time, I hope to meet two Dallas area bloggers. Andi at Estella’s Revenge and Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity aren’t too far from my my Mom’s home so this is just bonus for me.  I promise pictures.  I have limited wifi at mom’s, so the goal is to schedule posts before I leave.  There is wifi in the common areas of her complex and a community computer room, so beyond the phone I can go and use a computer, it’s just not as convenient.  Thankfully mom likes to read, so I will get some book time in.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday…hope you have time to honor the Dad’s in your life, and if like me you’ve lost yours, I’m send you a comforting hug, yep I know it’s tough.  xoxo

Here are just a few photos of my two favorite dads!!

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  1. Laura@BunnyTales

    This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of visiting your blog. It certainly won’t be the last!
    Thanks for the *hugs*. This is my first year without my dad.

    I’ll look forward to the pics from your trip!

  2. Lisa

    Your dad sure did set a high standard but I believe we are looking for the mate that matches what we’ve seen and it sounds like you found him! How fun that you’ll get to meet Andi and Trish!

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