Happy Blog Anniversary, We’re Six!!

June 18, 2014 blogaversary, books 12


It was six years ago today that I sat down, and began a blog titled A Woman, A Wife, A Mom.  I thought it described me, and my roles in life.  This was my very humble first post.

This is completely new to me, so bare with me as I begin this journey. If asked why a blog, I suppose the simple answer is for me. As a woman I find I give so much to those around me and I must work hard to find time, energy, space for just who I am.

Expect this blog to be about me, my family, my observations as we all grow and what I see. Expect to see me up and down and everything in between. Expect a few pics of my world and what makes me happy.

Leave me some comments and share your blogs with me.

Fairly simple…I had no idea where I was headed!  I searched for other blogs and commented and a few people began following me.  I wrote about my kids, my parents, my life.  I found memes that were fun, I even attempted to start a few.  I changed themes a dozen or more times…..fiveAnita-Meme-buttonI-love-this-blog-awardkreativblogawardanitasig1

I received some awards from other bloggers…does anyone else remember how fun the first one was? And then how much they never wanted to see another one because I meant passing it on, too much work!!  I posted a few political thoughts too.

And then there was this

A Book Review and my First Giveaway  

It was March of 2009 and it changed my blog and my life completely.  I did a few movie reviews, DVD and from the theater.  The books were books I bought and loved.  I didn’t know the first thing about contacting publishers or publicists and receiving arcs, at some point I just emailed a few that were on websites, and I sporadically began getting a few arcs.  Honestly it was a slow process.

Spring of 2011 I was book blogging more and had found some wonderful book blogs to follow.  I had made a few contacts and then while attending the UCF Book Festival I had coffee with Susan Gregg Gilmore and she introduced me to other fun authors attending.  They include Marybeth Whalen, Eleanor Brown, Shellie Tomlinson and a few more.  These ladies had some extra time and we stood around chatting books, blogging and networking.  They told me to get back on twitter, which I didn’t understand at all!!!  So love me or not, you can blame them for my social media obsession!  They said, follow us, then follow book bloggers, then follow other authors and publishers and on and on and on!  I can never thank them enough!

I then worked in a Barnes and Noble for two years and voila,  I was around more books…dangerous.  Access to more arcs and I learned about Edelweiss.

I am so thankful that a blog has let me take my love of books and let me share about them.  This blog has taken me to new blogs and new friends.  The people I’ve met is the greatest thing I’ve gained via blogging.  Authors, publicists and especially bloggers have been the best kind of perk!

Thank you to anyone who has ever read my blog, left a comment, re-tweeted a review or said hi!!!  I hope I have the pleasure or writing and sharing here for years to come!

12 Responses to “Happy Blog Anniversary, We’re Six!!”

  1. Sandy

    Happy anniversary! I’ve lost count of my years, but I’m thinking it is probably coming on six this fall. Crazy how time passes, and how you change as a blogger. Those awards were so exciting at first…someone appreciates me! But then they became the bane of our existence. Same with the giveaways. Ugh! But they were good times. Back when the community was smaller.

  2. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    Wow, we’re practically twins. My blog will be 6 tomorrow! Mine became a book blog fairly quickly and I well remember the thrill when someone I didn’t know left me a comment.

  3. Beth Hoffman

    Happy Blogiversary, my friend! Huge congratulations on six great years!

  4. Ouida B

    Happy Anniversary, my dear sister and friend!! I am so pleased with the journey you have forged and the impact it has had on your life!! I have always adored you – – and been proud, but now more than ever!! To six or 12 more years~!!

    • Anita

      Thanks Rebecca, and all good wishes are welcome. Some days I feel like I’m still new, but I know I’m not. I enjoy the continued journey and learning process.

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