The Sunday Salon- Updates on life and reading

June 29, 2014 The Sunday Salon 6

Hello!!  I’ve been busy the past two weeks, first visiting my mom in Texas and then home to a crazy week.

I had all these hopes of finishing books while visiting my mom and instead I barely read anything.  My mom lives in a retirement community, in an apartment so she spends a lot of time alone, so when I was staying with her for five days she talked A LOT!  In the long run, the books will be around, and my mom is 86 and won’t be.

What we did do was eat out, shop, talk, watch some movies on TV, attended a fashion show luncheon, went out to movies, ate more and shopped more.  It was a fabulous visit.  She moves a bit slower and she tells a few of the same stories over and over, but she’s pretty sharp.  She has a relaxed lifestyle, rarely setting the alarm clock except for early doctor appointments or her weekly hair appointment.  She still likes to shop for new clothes and makeup.  She was frustrated we couldn’t find bras she liked, but we ordered her style and size and all is now well.  I also saw my brother and his wife and son while in TX.  Here’s mom and I in a selfie.

mom and I

Traveling also has perks when it comes to meeting online friends.  I’m lucky, a lot of people travel to Disney World and Orlando, so I often make the hour trek and meet bloggers and online friends.  This trip I had the pleasure of meeting Andi from Estella’s Revenge.  We met at Half Price Books and browsed, my lousy knee didn’t allow for enough of that…ugh.  We each bought just one book…amazing!  We then went to lunch and had BBQ and talked for close to five hours!!!  Yes I’m serious!  Andi is just as kind of enthusiastic about books, blogging and life as she appears in all her posts.  It was such a pleasure to meet her and have that time.  Here we are!!

Anita and AndiThanks again Andi for taking your Saturday to chat with me!

Just before I was leaving my mom’s for airport and rental car return I received a text from Southwest my flight is an hour delayed.  That would have me missing my connection in New Orleans home.  I called..which you really don’t want to do anymore, everything is easier to do online except for this urgent need to change.  Southwest got me on a flight going to St. Louis and then onto Orlando.  Yes longer, later arrival, but home at least.  Spending an hour at STL airport, Lambert Field, I was nostalgic for my youth, having grown up in a suburb just 11 miles from the airport.  I haven’t been back to STL in 23 years…no family there and life just doesn’t take me there.  I realize I’d like to take that trip, memories of my misspent youth…ha ha.

I had to recover a bit on Tuesday and then jumped into cleaning, laundry, cooking, life!!  Our son Nick has been busy busy…must be nice to be 16 and always on the go.

One of our daughters, Caitie is home for a couple of days.  Today she, her brother and dad are off to see the new Transformers movie, and then we’ll meet for dinner.  I just have no interest in seeing the movie.

I’ve had a rough reading week, spent a couple days trying to force a book I just can’t get into.  Then I happily began reading Chris Bohjalian’s new book, Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands.  He is an amazing story teller and author.  This book tells the story of Emily, she had lived in the NW part of Vermont near a nuclear power plant and when a leak of disastrous proportions occurs she is forced to leave along with everyone else.  Her parents both work at the power plant.  Emily’s life changes forever!  I’m only 30% in, but completely loving this book!

Happy Sunday all….enjoy your day no matter how you spend it!

6 Responses to “The Sunday Salon- Updates on life and reading”

  1. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    I went to see my mom last week and it was the same for me. Forget the books and just let her chat since she spends so much time alone. We talked, shopped, went out to eat, and built jigsaw puzzles.

  2. Mysterious Bibliophile

    I’ve read a few of Chris Bohjalian’s novels and loved them. I’m adding Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands to my wishlist as we speak. Your time with your mom and with Andi sounds terrific!

  3. JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    How wonderful that you got to spend all that time with your mom -love the selfie! I’m lucky to live less than 30 minutes away from my parents.

    You and Andi talked for 5 hours??? Somehow that doesn’t surprise me 😉

    Glad Chris Bohjalian is helping you get back into the reading groove. Have a great week!

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