Author Events: Chris Bohjalian and Laura Lane McNeal

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Vero Beach Book Center

Last week was a STELLAR one for me!! I had the opportunity to meet two wonderful authors.  Both Chris Bohjalian and Laura Lane McNeal are on book tour and visited Vero Beach Book Center.  Two nights in a row I was totally in my element, book store, book lovers, author visits, chatting up books!

Wednesday night Chris Bohjalian stopped in as part of his Rock n Roll book tour for the newly released Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands.  I’ve reviewed the book, so much love, and I have also had the pleasure of meeting Chris a couple of years ago as he spoke at Robin Kall Homonoff’s fundraiser A Night With Authors in Rhode Island.  Chris is a sensitive and inspirational speaker, he mixes humor and brutal honestly as he speaks about his books.  I was able to introduce Chris to the audience of about 55 people.  He shared how this new book began and his work as a columnist in VT opened his eyes about the homeless teens in his state.

I also had the pleasure of dinner with Chris and his lovely Aunt Rosemary and his deceased father’s significant other, Julie.  Both of these ladies were gracious and made for wonderful dinner conversation about Chris, his family and more.  I felt like the entire evening was a glorious gift.  Here are some photos.

CB and I CB with Aunt Rosemary and Julie Chris Bohjalian signing Me with Aunt Rosemary and Julie

Thursday evening the store welcomed Laura Lane McNeal and her debut novel, Dollbaby.  I reviewed this book yesterday…pick it’s fabulous.

Laura is a born in New Orleans native, she’s lived away in part of her life, but she is proud of the city she hails from.  We’d been tweeting prior to her book event and we were both anxious to meet.  She sent lovely flowers to the store the day of her event, what a sweet gesture.  When she arrived she immediately gave me a big hug!! It was the best, so sincere and warm.  Meeting her was like seeing a good friend again, she was open and wanted to tell me all about how she created the characters and the story for her book.

Laura was a warm and gentle speaker.  She told us about her journey from Hurricane Katrina, home destroyed, living out of state with her boys, rebuilding and returning to her beloved New Orleans.  She has passion for the history of her city, you can feel it when she speaks.  She read a bit of her book, answered questions and graciously signed books.  I was exhausted from my short trip down to Vero Beach, but I wanted to spend more time with her….she is a story teller you can just listen to for hours.

Here are few pictures from her event.

Cynthia and LLM Laura Lane McNeal LLM and meCynthia is pictured with Laura and she handles publicity for Vero Beach Book Center.  She’s become a friend and I have so much fun visiting the store and talking to her.

I had one more fun trip to the book store!  Jennifer of Literate Housewife is in FL for work, and she headed to my coast and we drove down to Vero for book browsing, lunch and she dipped her toes in the sand….a fabulous day.

JC in the Atlantic! Jennifer Conner and I

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  1. Rita @ My Home of Books

    What a wonderful experience! I have a signed book by Chris from when I lived in Maine and he had stopped by a bookstore, but I didn’t get to meet him 🙁 I read his newest and gave it high praise as I do all his books.
    I never read Dollbaby but I have it on my wishlist. You had a great night! Do you volunteer or work at that wonderful book store, or are you just a frequent visitor? I used to live in FL but never had the pleasure of going there. I checked out some indie bookstores in my region, none within close driving distance, but they don’t seem to have authors drop by. Oh well.

  2. Cynthia

    Thank you wonderful, thoughtful and oh so well read Anita!
    Our pleasure to have you in our sea-side town for both author visits, back to back! I agree with you — each one outstanding. We’re a lucky crew to have such talent come to Vero Beach’s Treasure Coast. We’re also a lucky crew to have vists from you and your tremendous support. Plus…how about those cupcakes! Wow! Look forward to more fun too.

  3. Lindsey

    I have Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands waiting for me to read soon! It’s always nice to know that an author is gracious as well as talented. 🙂

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