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July 27, 2014 The Sunday Salon, weekends, Weekly catch up 8

The Sunday Salon2

Good Morning…well it’s still morning as I begin this post.  Today finds me prepping to do the grocery shopping, laundry going, and plans to cook and maybe even cleaning some.

This past week was a lazy one for me.  I can’t explain exactly how I’ve been feeling.  About a year and a half ago I began having problems with my knees, specifically my right knee was the worst, pain when standing and walking, and it hurt terribly when I stood up after sitting.  I finally went to an orthopedist and he told me both my knees are bone on bone, no cartilage, and signs of arthritis.  UGH.  I got a shot of cortisone, and the recommended plan was to try to move more, and perhaps lose some weight.  It’s been eight months and I should have gone back for another shot four months ago, but I tried to battle through.  I’m not in so much pain it’s awful, I need shots in both knees and to discuss surgery or some other plan for a future.  I’m actually moving less, I can’t walk far at all, standing even to look at books in a store is painful.  I find myself explaining to friend often why I’m slow, why I need to sit, etc.  I’ve got to get this under control.

With only one teen son at home that part of my life is quiet.  Nick is rarely at home, so I can’t get him to do the things I want him to do.  He’s too old for me to clean his room, and we have to stay on him to do chores.  He has three weeks left of summer break.

I’ve been reading, but don’t feel like it’s at a pace I like.  I know the obvious is that when I feel like reading is a chore it’s wrong.  I’ve been feeling that review/blog tour etc pressure and I’ve made plans going forward to take on less.  The downside to that is the number of June and July books I haven’t read.  Doing what I can…seriously.  In case you missed it, I wrote about my least favorite blogging trends, comment if you’d like.  I think I need to build in a discussion post a week, it’s been enlightening!

Our niece from Atlanta is spending a couple of days with is this week coming up.  She is 13 and a sweet girl.  She’s an only child, perhaps a bit sheltered but a good kid.  I’m trying to come with fun things to do.  So far I have plans for beach, mini golf, pedicures, dinner out.  Shoot out some suggestions of you have them.  She’s not a major girly girl, if that helps you.

I think that’s the captures how the week has been, it’s summer in FL so it’s hot and humid every day, and most late afternoons/evenings have a thunderstorm.  It’s all about see breezes hits the heat inland and storms.

I hope you’re enjoying your day!!



8 Responses to “The Sunday Salon: Weekly Update”

  1. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    My right knee is bothering me too, but it’s nothing like you describe. You need to go get shots before you go to Asheville – you’ll have to walk there and it’s hilly. Take care of yourself!!

  2. Sandy

    I’ve got the bone on bone thing going on in my knees as well, and it is very painful. There ARE exercises that you can do to build up the muscles around those bones though to help. Maybe your orthopedist can give you some, or maybe refer you to a physical therapist. When I go out for my walks (this is more than the case of running nowadays) I have these bands that I put under my kneecaps that keep everything from rubbing together. They sell them at Sports Authority. I hope you are able to figure out a good plan, it sucks not being able to do everything you want.

  3. Rita @ My Home of Books

    I have osteoarthritis in my knees also (and my hands). I also have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis (with facet arthritis), and spinal stenosis…or let’s just say I’m falling apart 🙂
    I understand your pain and frustration with less movement and feel badly for you. I get occasional shots in my knees and walk my dogs around the park every night, and now am undergoing a series of epidurals in my lower spine and will undergo laser surgery for my facet arthritis this Fall(the bumps on your spinal column). We do what we have to do, and get by. I even had sleeve gastrectomy surgery this year to see if taking off some of the weight from my medicine bloating and lack of movement would help..unfortunately not as much as hoped.
    Hang in there, get your shots when they’re needed, move a little bit each day and keep a positive outlook. Wish you well! Find a good book and read 🙂

  4. Anita

    Thanks everyone. My appt with Orthopedist is tomorrow. Sandy I do wonder why he didn’t give me more direction, he’s at the Jewett Clinic, one of the best. Rita, I feel awful whining when you have a lot more physically going on, and don’t complain. I just feel so crappy..I can’t stand or walk enough to do the think I enjoy, and even my housework has suffered. Not exactly a pig pen but it’s not super clean..ha ha.
    I’ll keep you posted, thanks all for your thoughts.

  5. Rhonda

    Sorry to hear about your husband suffers with the same thing.till your feeling better maybe you could get a cleaning service once a month to do the heavy cleaning .

  6. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    I’m sorry to hear about your knee. My mom is having almost the exact same issue and treatment, but it’s not helping as much as we all wish that it should. I agree with Rhonda — invest in some services to help if you’re able to do that. It’s ok to need help once in awhile.

    • Anita

      Will be talking about this more, but surgery is scheduled for Monday 8/4. Left Knee total replacement. I’m nervous excited, I know therapy will be challenging but I want to do this!!

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