The Sunday Salon

August 31, 2014 The Sunday Salon 5


Good Morning all!!  It’s been a fairly busy week around here.  I am definitely moving more and feeling better.  People told me the two week mark was miraculous and the three week mark had me no longer using the cane.  Tomorrow makes four weeks and the only aid device I’m still using is the raised potty chair, I move it to the shower to hold onto something as I get in and out too.  If we had comfort height toilets I’d be set.  It’s something I’m looking into, just that three or so inches taller is so much nicer for aging knees and hips for sitting.

I went back to volunteering at the high school, I had to keep getting up and moving, and sitting for four hours was tiring, but I managed.  It was nice to see faculty and staff again, students too for that matter.  I am still shocked when I realize Nick is a junior this year.

I got my hair cut, which is shockingly a disaster.  This person has been cutting my hair for about 8 months now, to my rave reviews.  This time she did something different, added some odd layers and I quite frankly hate it, I’m shocked and hate that I spent my money.  I’m going back Thursday for color and we will be discussing it.  I think it’s just going to have to grow.  I’ve almost come to tears a few times this week.

Tuesday night Kevin went to Nick’s open house, he followed his schedule and met his teachers.  It’s nice when on your second round of HS you know some of the teachers.  They asked about the girls and all said Nick was doing well.  I love that is AP Calculus class has 13 students…a great number for attention and success.

I had two days with my Home Physical Therapist, just two more visits and I am released to outpatient PT.  I really like Marco, he’s tough but kind.  He says I’m moving well and my range of motion on the bending my knee is about 110%, imagine a 90% angle is sitting.  Much work to do.  I can’t imagine stairs yet.

I returned to driving Nick to Orlando for wrestling club practice.  I headed to a Panera where I ate dinner and read.  I finished Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer while I was sitting there.  Big ugly sobbing tears running down my face.  Seriously people turned to look at me!! I’ll have a review and interview with Julie coming up around her publication date of September 9th.  This is a beautiful must read book.  Trust me.

Most everything else is the same around here.  The girls are busy with both college and part time jobs.  I continue to be so very proud of them.  At 21 I think they are both much smarter and prepared for life after college than I was.  Thank goodness!!

I walked all the way into the Target Pharmacy yesterday..I was very happy!  Today’s adventure includes the grocery store, where I will be riding the electric cart again, but enjoying being out and about!!  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I always remember my dad, the man worked tirelessly for the United Auto Workers Union and the working rights of others.  Great job daddy, your efforts were so appreciated.

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  1. sandynawrot

    So glad to hear that you are making progress. It is slow, so you just have to focus on the forward movement. It freaks me out a little when I think about my daughter (like your son) being halfway through high school. And that this is the watershed year. Everything…college, scholarships, everything, depends on how they do this year. Gah!

  2. litandlife

    Kudos on what sounds like a terrific recovery. Sounds like you’re right on track!

  3. My Home of Books (@duffygal777)

    Hurray for little steps towards total recovery. I can understand what you are going through, though I haven’t had your surgery. My knees can’t tolerate stairs and when I am forced to, I hang on to the rail and wince. They’re now concentrating on my spine which is in worse shape, so I make do. Kudos to getting back out and volunteering and shopping!
    I do want to read Five Days Left, so I look forward to your review. Glad you are back to reading and enjoying–have a good week.

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