The Sunday Salon- A week into September

September 7, 2014 books, Harlequin MIRA, Kimberly S. Belle, The Sunday Salon 6


I can’t believe today is September 7th!  While school began here in mid August, now most schools are in session and children everywhere are sporting new shoes, new backpacks and freshly sharpened pencils etc etc.  My love of school/office supplies has never waned, I love buying them, using them, sharing them.  Need a pen or pencil recommendation, just ask me…I prefer mechanical pencils, gotta have as sharp line!  I love post it notes, and tabs, and notebooks.  I hope any of you with kids in school are off to a good start.  Many of my friends have first year college students, the adventures are exciting weather they are starting pre-school or college we as parents are witness to such miracles!

I’ve had a good week, despite having trouble sleeping.  My Dr. prescribed Ambien and last night was my first night using it and I slept great.  I’m hoping to just use it a short time.

I read a another great book last week, and then I struggled with what to read next, picking up four books before settling on a new book from Harlequin MIRA.  THE LAST BREATH by Kimberly S. Belle is so very good.  It begins with the details of a murder, I was holding my breath while reading, and I can’t wait to finish and share.  This debut novel published September 30th, get ready!

I begin outpatient rehab this week, needing to build stamina and learning to climb stairs again.  Wish me luck.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. I’m off to grocery store and then home to watch some Cowboy Football and read.  Oh I also promised Nick I’d make a peach cobbler…I’m soft!

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  1. BermudaOnion

    I knew I liked you – I LOVE office supplies too!

    Good luck with your therapy and your sleeping. I haven’t slept well for quite a while and it’s draining. People don’t realize what a blessing it is to be able to sleep.

  2. My Home of Books (@duffygal777)

    Sorry you are having trouble sleeping. I do too, I wake up several times from pain and then get up a good hour or so earlier than I ever used to in my life. I take a prescribed muscle relaxant in p.m. but it only works so-so.
    Glad you are enjoying that book–I have it on my wishlist– NetGalley didn’t send it to me as they had their quota filled already. I am looking forward to your review and also reading it myself.

  3. litandlife

    Cowboys, huh? What ever would we do without football on Sundays? Love to have Sundays where I can curl up with a book and some football and just laze the day away.

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