The Sunday Salon October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014 The Sunday Salon 5


Hello all!!  It has been a busy week.  Last weekend found us in Jacksonville for the Kappa Alpha Theta Parent’s weekend.  We all went and stayed in a hotel near our daughters’ apartment.  While only Caitie is in the sorority, Adrienne joined us for most activities and we had such fun.  Here are a couple of photos from Saturday night.  I’ve become an iPhone only picture taker…eek!

family dinner Girls before dinner

Caitie, Adrienne, Nick and Kevin             C, A, and me!!

Kevin and I were able to see Gone Girl last weekend.  Two thumbs up for the movie.  While it took me two years to complete the book, some on audio, after that first 100 pages I was hooked on the book, and the movie was a bit more engaging from the start, perhaps because I knew what to expect.  Kevin also enjoyed the movie, which I think is what I’m hearing from both readers and non-readers of the book.

The week was filled with errands, volunteering, taking Nick to wrestling in Orlando.  I also squeezed in a YA book launch.  Jessica Martinez is the author of VIRTUOSITY, THE SPACE BETWEEN US, and THE VOW. Her new book is a thriller, KISS KILL VANISH.


The evening also featured another YA author, Jody Casella and her debut novel, This Space, which was named to the Florida Teen Reads 2014 list.  I purchased both books, and they will eventually end up in the high school library.

My happy week crashed a bit mid and late week and Nick’s car began having what we hoped were only battery problems.  Friday we found out the problem is a bad starter.  I loathe car problems.  You never plan on such problems and while we will pay for the repair, it’s not exactly planned and we’ve just got a few extra expenses coming up….ugh!!!Saturday was a lazy day for Kevin and I. We are heading to Orlando  right now to shop for homecoming clothes for my son. His girlfriend is with us. Her dress is gorgeous.   Wish us luck.

Tomorrow is Columbus Day and Nick has school but Kevin is off, it’s a federal holiday.

Have a great week.

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  1. litandlife

    Sounds like you had a great weekend with the whole family. Boy do the girls look like you!

  2. Vicki

    Looks like you has fun on your parents weekend trip!!

    I haven’t read Gone Girl or seen the movie but plan on doing both.

    I know what you mean about car problems. My son’s car tires only have 14,000 miles on them and last week he saw ta tear in one, and after checking the others they were coming apart too. So he just had to spend $600 for tires!

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