All I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned from a Little Golden Book

November 19, 2014 book review, giveaway, Little Golden Books, Random House Kids 6

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In a recent visit to Vero Beach Book Center I had the pleasure of listening to editor and author Diane Muldrow talk about Little Golden Books and two of her compilations.  These Everything I Need to Know books are written by Muldrow but the art work is vintage Little Golden Books.

From the publisher: 

A humorous “guide to life” for grown-ups! One day, Diane Muldrow, a longtime editor of the iconic Little Golden Books, realized that, despite their whimsical appearance, there was hardly a real-life situation that hadn’t been covered in the more than 70-year-old line of children’s books—from managing money, to the importance of exercise, to finding contentment in the simplest things. In this age of debt, depression, and diabetes, could we adults use a refresher course in the gentle lessons from these adorable books, she wondered—a “Little Golden guide to life”? Yes, we could! Muldrow’s humorous yet practical tips for getting the most out of life (“Don’t forget to enjoy your wedding!” “Be a hugger.” “Sweatpants are bad for morale.”), drawn from more than 60 stories, are paired with delightful images from these best-loved children’s books of all time—among them The Poky Little Puppy, Pantaloon, Mister Dog, Nurse Nancy, We Help Mommy, Five Pennies to Spend, and The Little Red Hen. The Golden greats of children’s illustration are represented here as well: Richard Scarry, Garth Williams, Eloise Wilkin, J. P. Miller, and Mary Blair, among many others. Sure to bring memories and a smile, this book is a perfect gift for baby boomers, recent grads, lovers of children’s literature—or anyone who cherishes the sturdy little books with the shiny cardboard covers and gold foil spines!

These books are so nice.  The audience was filled with women of all ages, all reminiscing our own childhoods and Little Golden Books.  Thumbing through the books as the author talked, admiring the art work, all are notated with their original appearance.

What I enjoyed just as much was the history that Muldrow shared with the audience.  These books have been around since 1942, and were once just 25 cents.  They were printed in color, and were longer than they are today.  When cost went up, pages were cut, but only the ones with black and white art work and the text was added to the color art pages.  Many wonderful children’s authors wrote for Little Golden Books and amazing illustrators.  Some were penned by staff writers too. Please click here to learn a more in depth history.  My favorite book will always be The Pokey Little Puppy.

I had Diane Muldrow sign a copy of each of her books shown above.  There will be two winners.  These books are a lovely keepsake or a fun gift.  Just fill out the form below with your address and book preference.  The giveaway is open until midnight Sunday November 23, 2014.

So tell me, do you remember Little Golden Books?  Did you have a favorite? Do or did you read them to your children?


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  1. Barb Woodworth

    My Book Club friends just gave a basket of books as a baby shower gift and included the life book for Momma

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