Review: Betrayed

January 27, 2015 book review, Lisa Scottoline, mystery, St.Martins Press 1


  • Written by:  Lisa Scottoline
  • Published by:  St. Martin’s Press, November 25, 2014
  • Length: 340 pages
  • Source:  Sent by publisher for consideration of a review

Summary:  The women of Rosato & Associates return, after the relaunch of the series that started with Accused. This second entry, Betrayed, stars Judy Carrier, who has had the starring role in only one previous Rosato book. When Betrayed opens, Judy Carrier finds herself at a crossroads in her life. Her best friend, Mary DiNunzio, has just become partner and is about to become a bride, leaving Judy vaguely out of sorts. She’s not jealous, but she’s not happy either and she’s wondering where her own career and love life are going. To make matters worse, she is rocked to her emotional foundations when she learns that her beloved Aunt Barb has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She races to her aunt’s side, and so does Judy’s mother, only to find that her aunt is dealing with the sudden death of a friend who had been helping her through chemo. The friend, Iris Juarez, was an undocumented worker at a local farm, but her death doesn’t look natural at all, to Judy. Judy begins to investigate, following a path that leads her into an underground world far more dangerous than she ever imagined. Judy has to dig to uncover what happened to Iris, and at the same time unearth the secrets in her own family.(publisher)

My Thoughts:  Another apology to author Lisa Scottoline, I read this book in December 2014, and got all involved in the holiday and didn’t write my review.  UGH.  I should add that I adore Lisa, we met a couple of years ago at a book festival and she is as warm and kind in person as she is on her Facebook page.  She is smart, quick witted and the kind of person most women would love to have as a girl friend.  I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa again in early December at her book signing at Vero Beach Book Center.  She gave a wonderful talk about her books, here life and what lead her to having the best job she can imagine.  She talked of her daughter, her mother, and the audience laughed as she told great stories about her life.  Should you ever have the opportunity to hear Lisa Scottoline talk, don’t miss it.

This second book in the new Rosato & Associates series is so different.  The focus is all on Judy, and she’s honest about her unhappiness with the way things are going with her role in the law firm.  Mary is giving her assignments she’s not interested in.  When her Aunt Barb shares her health issues with Judy and her mother, Judy devotes herself to being there for her aunt.  She also respects her aunt,and her friendship with her friend Iris, an undocumented worker in PA.

Scottoline takes her readers into a little seen or spoken of world of the undocumented workers and in this story those who work the mushroom farms/production in PA.  I was equally fascinated and horrified at the working and living conditions of these people.  This is a hot topic in the news, as many of these illegal workers do the jobs few people want to do.  They work in awful conditions with poor wages and much is just over looked because there are so few options for who will do these jobs. These people have no reliable medical care, and are in constant fear of being discovered and deported, and are often forced into illegal work to maintain their hidden identity.

While this is the second in a new series it’s not absolutely necessary to have read the former books.  This is a must read for Scottoline fans, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a book that brings together real life issues like undocumented workers and their plight, along with Judy’s aunt’s cancer battle.  I loved this book, and can’t wait for the next one.


This is Lisa and I in November, having a great time in Vero Beach Book Center!!  Thanks again Lisa!



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