The Sunday Salon, where did January Go?

February 1, 2015 The Sunday Salon 7

The Sunday Salon1

I can’t believe how fast the month of January seemed to fly by.  I felt like it was a busier month, Nick is wrestling so that’s been an every weekend event, plus everyone was back to school and work after the holidays.  I’ve been organizing dental and medical appointments, I’ll be having my second knee replacement surgery in March.  I’ve been reading and writing, and thinking….mucho contemplation.

I read or listened to 7 books in January, yep that’s it, sad.  I had higher hopes…but I’ve blogged about that!! I have been in a total cooking mood this month, enjoying new recipes too.  While I didn’t all out focus on eating healthier, it did happen and it’s been very positive around here.  I’ve also been all girly and buying some new makeup and gushing about it with several bloggers and online friends like Andi and Michelle and I’m considering adding some features to my blog.  Anita also loves makeup and hardbags and planners and shoes….the list goes on.

Nick celebrated his 17th birthday this week…wow how time has flown.  Here he is at 6 months and last week birthday dinner.  Sorry the baby photo is me taking a cell phone shot of wall portrait.

IMG_2563 IMG_2551

My plans for the day include menu planning, grocery shopping, and book review writing.  I want to run over to pick up the puppy Caitie has bought for her boyfriend Chris.  This is long, but Nick, our son, has a girlfriend, Macie, and her family had 10 pitt bull puppies for sale.  Caitie bought one for her boyfriend for his graduation gift.  Macie’s family is keeping the puppy till May when he graduates and moves home.  We plan to pick her up for play, socialization with us, our dog etc.  Here is her picture. Her name is Bailey, and she was just 8 weeks old last week when this was taken.



Thursday of last week I got to spend time with friend and blogger Rebecca of Love at First Book.  For those not in the know Rebecca has beautiful 8 week old twin boys.  She had them in early December, nearly a month early, blessedly small but healthy.  This was my first visit to  meet the boys, and oh how sweet they are.  Still so small and sleepy and cute.  Rebecca is doing so well, so while her blog is quiet for now she is finding time to read more, and I’m sure she’ll be back when the boys are a bit bigger.  If you missed my little collage, here it is.  Bennett is on top, Ethan on bottom.


It’s Superbowl Sunday, and I have absolutely zero interest in either of the teams playing, so we will probably watch little to none of the game.  It’s a good excuse to make party style snack food dinner, and not feel guilty..ha ha.  Have a wonderful day!!


7 Responses to “The Sunday Salon, where did January Go?”

  1. BermudaOnion

    Nick hasn’t changed a bit in 17 years!

    I’m not too great with makeup so I don’t love it but I do love shoes, office supplies, jewelry, etc.

  2. whatsheread

    Makeup and handbags and shoes and desk supplies (you need to check out Poppin for AWESOME desk accessories) and books and scarves and stationary and…It’s a good thing my husband loves me so much!

    Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week! Happy belated birthday to Nick!

  3. Lindsey

    I felt the same way about the Super Bowl, but it was a great excuse to eat pizza, wings, and mozzarella sticks! I hope you had a great day. 🙂

  4. litandlife

    Happy birthday to Nick! Looking at him now, can you even imagine having two of him at once?! One boy at a time was all I could handle!

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