The Sunday Salon

February 8, 2015 The Sunday Salon 4

The Sunday Salon2

Good afternoon….welcome to a rather late update to the Sunday Salon.

It’s been a good week and quiet weekend here in Sunny Florida.  We had rain one day and night but most of the week has been mild and what everyone expects FL to be in the winter.

My week was good, I kept busy with the usual, cooking, cleaning, reading, writing.  We had a fundraising night at a local Mexican restaurant for the HS wrestling team, good food, good cause, how could I resist.

Thursday afternoon brought Caitie home for a short trip, to visit with the puppy, Bailey she bought her boyfriend.  Bailey is now 9 weeks, over 13 lb and full of love and mischief.


We went to Petco and she has a new collar and leash, a bed and some toys.  She spent the night here, snuggling with Caitie…ha ha.  She’s not quite house trained so a few accidents but not awful.

Yesterday we employed Nick and three friends to rake the yard.  Live Oak and other trees here are now losing their leaves, and it’s a mess and we have three big trees.  It took them a little over two hours to rake up 14 lawn bags of leaves.  They each earned $20 and were very happy.  It was funny to listen to them talking, playing, singing…good kids.

My reading has been a little off, but it’s all good.  I did finish listening to Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink…wow what a powerful book.

This afternoon Kevin and I will be attending the wedding of our great niece.  She is probably 23 years old, attended pastry school and now works as a baker for Disney.  The wedding is local at a shabby chic Barn, you know the in kind of thing. You can see more of the venue on their Facebook page. Nick didn’t want to go, so it’s fine.  Looking forward to seeing Kevin’s brother’s and their families.


Recently a HS acquaintance of Caite’s was married, and while she wasn’t invited, she saw all the pictures on social media.  Beautifully done.  My girl has been talking about weddings and venues and such.  Sniff Sniff, by baby is growing up, and in love.  She’s young, but know she’s thinking of all these things.

Enjoy today…I usually love Sunday’s, low key and relaxing.

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  1. sandynawrot

    The leaves are going to bury us soon. It’s like it is snowing leaves. Puppy is so cute!

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