It’s Monday February 23! What Are You Reading?

February 23, 2015 It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 11


It’s that time again, the day many bloggers share what we’ve been reading and plan to read, and we have Sheila from Book Journey to thank for linking us all up.

I finished one book in print and one in audio last week.

Queen Sugar An Italian Wife

I’ve reviewed Queen Sugar here, and I probably won’t be reviewing The Italian Wife.  I liked it ok, but not love.  I wanted to be familiar with it as Ann Hood is speaking at the UCF Book Festival in April.  I plan to read her book The Obituary Writer before the event too.

I’m currently reading two books.

The Secrets of MidwivesWhere All Light Tends to Go

I’m enjoying both these books, so so different but very good.

In the world of Indie Book Events, I was thrilled when asked to moderate a panel of YA authors this past Saturday.  The Epic Reads tour featured the trio of Victoria Aveyard, author of Red Queen, Cynthia Hand, author of The Last Time We Say Goodbye, and Jasmine Wargo, author of My Heart and Other Black Holes. It was a wonderful hour for me, and I hope the audience and the authors.  Thank you again to Vero Beach Book Center.

This week I’ll be visiting VBBC again to hear Jonathan Odell sharing his book Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League.  This is Wednesday evening.

Miss Hazel and The Rosa Parks League

Kate Alcott speak about her latest book, A Touch of Stardust on Thursday evening.

A Touch of Stardust


I’ve got some reading to do…ha ha.

I want to just add a few words about a recent conflict in the blogging world.  When a book blogger was found to be plagiarizing much of her reviews it shook me personally.  She is a good friend of mine, and I didn’t know what do say or do.  I had one day to process this when it was made public on twitter.  While I don’t deny that sharing that news is important, I still struggle with the method that was used.  I struggle because I know that many bloggers were hurt, hurt that their work was stolen, hurt because someone they liked and admired had taken short cuts to get a blog post or review written.  We all have the right to our feelings, and hurt and anger are natural.

I decided to forgive my friend, our friendship is more than just our blogs.  It’s about our shared love of our families, and life, books, coffee, good food and much more.  I do not approve of what she did, it still shakes me up a bit.  I do however forgive, which is defined by Webster’s as

: to stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong) : to stop blaming (someone)

: to stop feeling anger about (something) : to forgive someone for (something wrong)

My own values were questioned, others believed me to be acting as her spy or speaking for her, I did none of that.  I don’t take plagiarism lightly, I do not condone it.  I also believe in accepting apologies, moving on, and finding a peace from this storm.  I was touched and humbled by words from other bloggers this weekend.  Those who sought to bring a quiet calm to the community, Thank you Andi and Becca for being beautiful women who want to help us see the best in ourselves and each other.  My most fervent desire is to continue reading and sharing the books and ideas I enjoy.  I created this blog as I place for me to write, for me, because I was in the middle of parenting, and watching aging parents and I needed an outlet.  I began to share the books I read, and an evolution occurred.  It’s time to evolve again, maybe sharing a little more of who I am, my values, my passions.

I wish each of you a wonderful week of books and happiness.



11 Responses to “It’s Monday February 23! What Are You Reading?”

  1. Deborah

    Oh Anita, someone else mentioned that something had happened, but I’m in Australia so hadn’t heard anything about it.

    It sounds like it was a challenging time for everyone. It also sounds like you’ve approached it all in a way that feels right to you and that’s all any of us can do.


  2. BermudaOnion

    I saw some of that on twitter but decided to stay out of it. I’m glad you took the high road and chose to forgive your friend. I think she realizes she made a mistake and is in pain now and losing your friendship would just add to that pain.

  3. Rhonda

    So well written,I am a Twitter not personal friend of the former blogger.i understand everyone’s point of view but I think we forget she is a human being who made a mistake apologi

  4. Stacie (@sincerelystacie)

    I wrote this exact same reply on Becca’s site, but wanted to leave it here too because I appreciate everything you have written Anita!

    Staying up until midnight or 2AM to finish reading and writing a review, neglecting my family, rushing through a book…..we have ALL done it. I have gotten to that point where I knew I had accepted more than I truthfully could accomplish….life happens….and that was when I contacted publishers…confessed my overbooking, and took it one day at a time. I took off a month over Christmas/New Year’s and it was just what I needed. I still have books I need to get to….but I am letting myself accept that I will do what I can. They don’t pay me….this is for fun! What are they going to do? Stop sending me books? Ok, well then they do. I am now writing for a newspaper where I do get paid to review and so those now have to come first. I am accepting much less for reviews. It is empowering to delete an email and not feel pressured to read/review. I take entire days off from reviewing. Because, if I hadn’t done all this back in December, I would have gone over the edge. We are in no position to judge. We have all made mistakes…big and little….and thankfully we were forgiven or we moved on. Either way, we survived. She will survive because she is a beautiful person who made a mistake under a huge amount of pressure. There is really so much more to worry about in this world and even more to be thankful for. I hope she comes through the other end a happier person.

  5. Elizabeth

    I had heard there was a big issue, but was unaware of the reason. People often do the wrong thing when pushed to the breaking point, which is too bad, but tweeting and writing about it just makes it bigger than it needs to be. Don’t kick a gal when she’s down.

  6. Sarah's Book Shelves

    I saw all the Twitter action on Sunday, but don’t know enough about the situation and wasn’t affected personally, so decided to stay out of it. However, I do feel that plagiarism is an inexcusable offense – I, and I’m sure many others, would have been expelled from school for it. I do feel horrible for those whose work was plagiarized and don’t envy their position in having to figure out how to deal with it.

    On to books…I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Kate Alcott’s session! I really liked Stardust as well and will be including it on my Summer Reading List. My review will go up later this week.

  7. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    I’m sad about the hostility that’s came out on social media related to this plagiarism issue. It didn’t need to go that way, but I also know it’s a difficult situation for anyone involved or even tangentially affected and so I can see why tempers flared. There’s no good way to announce to the world that someone is a plagiarist, yet I’m starting to think that the only way to really deal effectively with plagiarism is to make it public — trying to address it privately causes confusion and other problems. Anyway, I still don’t have many good ideas. Thank you for sharing this and for linking to Andi and Becca’s excellent posts.

  8. Becca Lostinbooks

    Thank you for your kind words about my post, Anita. I think this whole thing blew up so big because friendships were affected. I was trying to recall back to the plagiarism scandal a few years back with a blogger who went by The Story Siren. People got mad, people blew up, but then we went back to business as usual after 2-3 weeks and just ignored her. People keep asking why this has had to be prolonged for an extensive amount of time and I think that part of it is that every time they find something new the wound is re-opened, but I also think being friends with her has added to it. That’s all I can think of as to why it played out so very differently than any other time a blogger plagiarized.

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