What Happens When You Break Your Arm?

February 26, 2015 Update 4


You see that spiral fracture? Move it a little closer to the shoulder and that is my broken left humorous.  Not funny I know! Yesterday while helping in high school concession stand I tripped and fell face first, tried to break my fall with arms and non replaced knee and in a rather ugly landing I immediately knew something was wrong.  after ER visit break was confirmed.  I saw my orthopedist today.

The plan is to wait a week and hope it begins to mend on its own. If not surgery with insertion of a rod and pins. My pain is tolerable with meds, arm is splinted and in sling. Fairly long recovery  period. Ive had to postpone my second knee surgery.

I can only type one handed, not fun.  I can hold a book a book or iPad. My meds make me sleepy, but I’m managing.

For now little to no blogging

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  1. Stacie (@sincerelystacie)

    Oh no! Hoping you have a quick recovery! I’ve never broken a bone except for a toe and I’m scared that it will happen at some point. Hang in there and maybe you can find some dictation software for your computer for awhile! At least you can still read!

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