The Sunday Salon- Mother’s Day and Graduation updates

May 10, 2015 The Sunday Salon 5

The Sunday Salon1

I hope each and every mom who reads this has had a restful and lovely day.  Long ago I asked for low key, lazy days to celebrate my day…it’s become a tradition for me to sleep in, have my meals prepared and the family might do a few chores around the house for me.  With two of our kids away Kevin once again stepped up to make it a special day.  He made me scrumptious french toast, with fresh berries for breakfast.  I purchased flowers and bought me a lovely card.  Sweet social media posts from the girls and an especially mushy card from my son.  Dinner is being prepared, grilled steaks with mushrooms, potatoes, and salads.

Becoming a mother nearly 22 years ago has been one of the greatest joys in my life, also one of my most daunting, no skills manual given, thankless, gritty, heartbreaking tear invoking roles of my life.  I wouldn’t take away anything.  The lives we lead, the good and bad all together make us who we are.  I have learned so very much.

Last week I had the experience of immense pride as our daughter Caitlyn graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Civil Engineering.  My lovely child achieved a long term goal, a young women with determination and strong will.  Caitlyn is a math wiz, and she early on found areas of study where she felt she would succeed.  I couldn’t be prouder!!  She’s looking for positions in the Tampa FL area, closer to her boyfriend and his family.

Below are a few photos of our celebration, a weekend filled with so many smiles.  So all the moments of raising this once child have brought us to this time, where she will soon be spreading her own wings….it’s the absolute best feeling ever!


Keep Calm I’m a Civil Engineer


Created by my artist friend Lorisa Hilburn. I had it framed.


Caitlyn and my mother


Little brother picking her up


With the proud parents


My niece Dawn, Caitlyn and my sister Ouida


A kiss from Granny

IMG_2963 IMG_2880



Nicholas, Caitlyn, and Adrienne


PreK photo and the College Grad

5 Responses to “The Sunday Salon- Mother’s Day and Graduation updates”

  1. erikamarks

    What a perfect tribute to family and love and motherhood for this day, my dear! You all are glowing from within (and your dress is THE BOMB, btw, you look gorgeous!) Here’s to the wonderful journey that awaits your sweet girl!!!

  2. ondbookshelf

    Congratulations to your daughter (and you for getting her there!). Lovely photos, particularly the one holding her pre-K photo. What a great idea.

  3. Michelle

    Congratulations, Anita to both you and Caitlyn! What a bittersweet Mother’s Day for you. I like the way you celebrate the day though. I am all about the relaxation and pampering. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures and memories of a truly special day.

  4. litandlife

    Congratulations to Caitlyn! How great to see a young woman using her math brain!

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