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May 19, 2015 1950's, audiobook 4

Searching for Grace Kelly

A story of three young women living in the infamous Barbizon Hotel. Searching for independence, new lives and adventure they all take different approaches. It’s the early 1960’s and has a fun Mad Men feel to it. Very enjoyable.

  • Written by:  Michael Callahan
  • Narrated by:  Kristin Kalbli
  • Published by:  Listen Up Audiobooks, February 10, 2015
  • Length:  9 hours 32 minutes
  • Source:  Publisher for consideration of an honest review
A Fine Romance

This autobiography narrated by the author begins after her marriage to Louis Malle and is more about her role as mother and keeping her acting career alive. Told with honesty and great humor I loved this book! I learned so much more about Candice and I’ll be listening to her first book soon. Grab this one up!!

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  1. litandlife

    These both sound like the kind of thing I’d enjoy listening to a lot.

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