Happy Seven Years of Blogging!!!

June 18, 2015 blogaversary 13

Bloggiversary? Blogaversary? I’m fairly certain that is a made up word.  Today my blog is 7 years old.  What began as an outlet for me to write, with a title of A Woman, A Wife, A Mom, has now evolved into what you see today, Anita Loves Books, where it’s more about books than anything else.

So much has changed since I began in 2008, books became a part of the blog in March of 2009, and by that summer I was online with more book bloggers via twitter and following their blogs.  I’ll never be able to list or thank all the bloggers who coached me and held my hand while I was learning, and who continue to support me in many ways.  Authors who I always held in highest esteem are still held in that high regard, but many are now my friends, people I laugh with and joke with, exchange Christmas cards and share good and sad times with.  Their support of my work and my personal self has been priceless.  When I lost my dad in 2013 many bloggers and authors reached out to me, sharing their own stories and sending hugs long distance.

My reading preferences and range has grown exponentially in these seven years.  I’ve gone from reading just 20 something books a year to nearly 100.  I added audio books to my mix of ways to enjoy a good book.  I’m more willing to try new authors, some of the best books I’ve read where debut novels, I am also  willing to let books go when they don’t work, something that was difficult for me to admit.

I’ve built relationships with publicists from several publishing houses and PR firms, it’s an honor when they reach out to me and offer a new book, even if I say no.  I remember reaching out to contact that first publicist,and how nervous I was trying to sell myself and receive an advance reader copy.  I had been using the library or buying my books up til then.

I’ve learned more about pacing and giving myself time to read,and enjoy and honestly share my thoughts with my blog readers.

To all who have visited my blog, left a comment, chatted with me on twitter or any social media, and especially those who have helped me become this person, THANK YOU!!!  I hope to be writing here for many years to come!!

13 Responses to “Happy Seven Years of Blogging!!!”

  1. Trish

    Happy bloggiversary Anita!!! 🙂 I love your sweet spirit and your contribution to the community. So so glad to have connected with you. And one day WE WILL meet! LOL!

  2. Meg

    Yay, Anita — happy blogiversary! I began blogging in 2008, too — back in the boom times. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and checking out your recommendations over the years, and I always appreciate your sweet comments!

  3. Rita @ View From My Home

    Congrats on your special day and special years! I’ve only been reading your blog for about a year but I enjoy your choice of titles and your peek into the indie bookstores near you. Many more!

  4. litandlife

    Happy blog-however you spell it!! My reading did the same thing – I read much more now than I used to but when you’re adding so many books to your awareness, you have to!

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