The Sunday Salon June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015 The Sunday Salon 2

The Sunday Salon2

Good afternoon!  The month of June has been a time of physical healing for me.  I had my second knee replacement on June 1, and I’m happy to say I’m feeling very good.  With one  good leg to stand on my recovery has been faster.  I was off pain meds earlier, walking with no support sooner, and I moved on to outpatient physical therapy vs in home this past week.  It’s amazing.

With this recovery I have also felt out of the loop, less time for reading and reading blogs, and no writing.  I’m happy to be feeling more like myself and I want to get back in the grove of my life.

Summertime mode is in full force for my son.  He is working part time at McDonalds and running around with his friends.  What a good life to be 17!!  He took the SAT, and his AP scores will be available early July.  He has to have senior pictures taken this summer, and on August 12, he returns for his senior year of high school.  Time it does fly!

My girls are doing well.  Caitie is looking for engineering jobs in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area.  She has an interview this week.  I’m crossing fingers and toes for her.  Adrienne is working a lot.  She had one class in Summer A term but now has just work until the Fall term in late August.  She’s also moving to a new apartment in July, and Caitie will be moving home, unless she finds a job.  Life is about change,that is certain.

I’ve been reading some, happily!!  I hope to post some reviews this week….again, back in the groove.

Wishing you a peaceful day……..and a wonderful week.

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  1. lakesidemusing

    Glad you’re recovering and feeling stronger. Best of luck to your daughter on her job search. It can be tough out there, but she sounds like a very talented young lady -I’m sure she’ll find something!

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