Review: Tiny Little Thing

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Tiny Little Thing

  • Written by:  Beatriz Williams
  • Published by:  Putnam, June 23, 2015
  • Length:  368 pages
  • Source: Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher for consideration of a review

Summary:  In the summer of 1966, Christina Hardcastle—“Tiny” to her illustrious family—stands on the brink of a breathtaking future. Of the three Schuyler sisters, she’s the one raised to marry a man destined for leadership, and with her elegance and impeccable style, she presents a perfect camera-ready image in the dawning age of television politics. Together she and her husband, Frank, make the ultimate power couple: intelligent, rich, and impossibly attractive. It seems nothing can stop Frank from rising to national office, and he’s got his sights set on a senate seat in November.

But as the season gets underway at the family estate on Cape Cod, three unwelcome visitors appear in Tiny’s perfect life: her volatile sister Pepper, an envelope containing incriminating photograph, and the intimidating figure of Frank’s cousin Vietnam-war hero Caspian, who knows more about Tiny’s rich inner life than anyone else. As she struggles to maintain the glossy façade on which the Hardcastle family’s ambitions are built, Tiny begins to suspect that Frank is hiding a reckless entanglement of his own…one that may unravel both her own ordered life and her husband’s promising career.

My Thoughts:  Once again Beatriz Williams has created a book that can transport you back in time, and away to the beach.  This time it is older and more practical Schuyler sister “Tiny” that is featured.  The book moves from 1966 and back to 1964 both times when Tiny is facing major choices in her life.  The choice she made in ’64 she has questioned, but vowed to do the right thing and being married to Frank Hardcastle is her destiny.  He’s running for office, and she’s beginning to see that being the stand by your man type of wife is challenging.  Looking ahead Tiny is overwhelmed, but looking back she is ever questioning her decision.

I was in love with the setting and mood of this book.  I love the 1960’s and Williams captures much of that Camelot and Kennedy era ambiance in her details of Tiny and her privileged life with Frank and his family.  While she came from a good family, Frank’s type of old money and power is what family dynasties are made of.  Frank’s father is ever urging him on, handling him a bit too much.  His grandmother attempting to also handle Tiny, and the other family members.  The addition of Pepper, her sister, is a fun and light aside.  The sisters and close, yet competitive and finally opening up to one another.  The challenged of women in the 1960’s is spot on.  Sexual freedom is real, but so are the challenges of birth control and keeping one’s liaisons secret.  Williams managed to include many of these topics into her book, giving a perfect sense of history to the timeline.

While perhaps tied up a bit too pretty in the end, I still believe this is a book worth reading.  The continued family story in this book is fascinating and if you are a lover of Beatriz Williams other works then Tiny Little Thing will not disappoint.  I highly recommend this one, it’s a prefect beach read!

4 Responses to “Review: Tiny Little Thing”

  1. lakesidemusing

    Her earlier book, The Secret Life of Violet Grant, is neat the top of my tbr pile and I loved A Hundred Summers. I’ll certainly read this at some point, too!

  2. BermudaOnion

    I’ve read Williams’ upcoming book and loved it and want to go back and read everything she’s written now. This sounds good to me.

  3. Michelle

    You definitely enjoyed this more than I did. I really struggled with Tiny’s “woe is me” attitude at times. No wonder her sisters thought she was so uptight!

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