The Sunday Salon 8/9/15

August 9, 2015 The Sunday Salon 5

The Sunday Salon2

Good afternoon!!  It’s been a good day, not too much going on.  A little sleeping in, a little clean up, grocery shopping, and now prepping a pot roast for dinner.  It’s 90 outside, but nothing like comfort food on a Sunday to make you feel good.

It’s been a semi hectic week here.  I didn’t get much reading done, sadly and I didn’t write one book review post …ugh. I spent one morning visiting Rebecca, former book blogger at Love at First Book.  Her twin boys are eight months old and so adorable.  We became friends over books, and I’ve really enjoyed watching her become an amazing mom.   My son begins his senior year of high school on Wednesday so last week we shopped a little and he got a hair cut and we’ll pick up some supplies this week.  Hard to believe in just a year he’ll be starting college.

This week my twin girls will celebrate their 22nd birthday(8/12).  One graduated from college, the other in her last year.  Neither will be home and they won’t be together.  I’m not emotional about it, but I just hope they think of each other, and we will have time with each of them later this week.

My new obsession is my Erin Condren Life Planner, not only do I use it to plan and organize my week, but I decorate it using colored pens, stickers etc.  It’s a little like scrapbooking and journaling your life, mixed with a calendar.  Etsy is filled with stickers to feed my addiction and  Pinterest, YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram are resources for ideas and like minded planner addicts.  I don’t think it will overtake books, shoes, makeup or handbags in my list of collections, but it’s certainly fun right now.


Speaking of handbags…well I am now, while shopping with my daughter in Vera Bradley we entered for a drawing and I won a large Vera Tote bag….so fun!!  Their stores were celebrating their founder’s birthday and we also received  a black quilted wristlet with room for a phone etc.  I was so excited, I never win!  Caitie bought what she is calling her first grown up handbag, a nice leather VB bag in navy with black trim.  She’s growing up.

I’m ready for school to begin, and our routines to return a bit.  With having a grown looking for job college grad home the house will still not be empty daily, but I believe it will be more peaceful and I love to be in my house, doing my thing.  I enjoy the quiet to read, write, cook, whatever I choose or need to do.

Wishing you a week of what makes you happy!!!

5 Responses to “The Sunday Salon 8/9/15”

  1. BermudaOnion

    It’s bittersweet watching your kids grow up, isn’t it? I feel like I’m missing out by not having a fancy planner. I looked at Target last week but nothing grabbed me.

  2. Sarah's Book Shelves

    A quiet house sounds so nice right now (I have a 4 and 2 year old)!! Have your twins ever been apart before? I can’t imagine how that would feel (being a twin and then either being together all the time or apart)! Have a great week!

  3. Michelle

    What is this quiet of which you speak? You mean it does exist? Because I need a lifeline here. After this weekend, I think I’m drowning!

  4. Trish

    Big week for you! Hope that everyone is adjusted…as much as they can be. And is the silence sometimes deafening? (it’s so weird to me when I’m the only one home…which happens rarely).

    Love those beachy stickers you included! I’m trying to keep up with my planner…but so far I’ve just used it for appointments. Need to pull it out of my purse! 🙂

  5. litandlife

    Love the life planner-seems to be working great for a lot of people. Planners never seem to work well for me – I seem to be stuck using random scraps of paper for to-do lists and my phone’s calendar. I’d love to get myself into putting everything into one place. Enjoy your return to routine!

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