Review: The Ones We Trust

August 11, 2015 book review, fiction, Kimberly S. Belle, Mira 2

The Ones We Trust

  • Written by:  Kimberly Belle
  • Published by: MIRA books, an imprint of Harlequin, July 28, 2015
  • Length:  288 pages
  • Source:  Received from publisher for consideration of an honest review

Summary:  When former DC journalist Abigail Wolff attempts to rehabilitate her career, she finds herself at the heart of a US army cover-up involving the death of a soldier in Afghanistan — with unspeakable emotional consequences for one family. As the story of what happened comes to light, Abigail will do anything to write it.

The more evidence she stumbles upon in the case, the fewer people it seems she can trust, including her own father, a retired army general. And she certainly never expected to fall in love with the slain soldier’s brother, Gabe, a bitter man struggling to hold his family together. The investigation eventually leads her to an impossible choice, one of unrelenting sacrifice to protect those she loves.

Beyond the buried truths and betrayals, questions of family loyalty and redemption, Abigail’s search is, most of all, a desperate grasp at carrying on and coping — and seeking hope in the impossible.

My Thoughts:  I dove into this second novel from Kimberly Belle with great expectations, I was not disappointed!  In her second novel she proves that she has the skill to tell a story that twists and turns and also grabs at your heart.

Abigail Wolff was a gung ho journalist, and when she uncovers a scandal and writes about it, the results are tragic, with a woman caught in the middle commits suicide.  Abigail drops out of the journalism limelight and is minding her own business when some confidential evidence is left at her home.  Did the Army cover-up the truth in the shooting death of a soldier?  This soldier was a rather notable actor, and questions persist.

The characters beyond Abigail are the family of the slain soldier, including a brooding but handsome brother, his mother and estranged brother who had also been in the Army.  Abigail’s family is against her investigating this.  Her father a retired general with close ties to this case implores her to stop, and ask no more questions.  Beyond the story Abigail is uncovering we learn the family dynamics of each family.

The story is face paced, uncovering many hidden facts.  There is a smaller story line going on too, also interesting and showing Abigail’s investigative skills.

I enjoyed this book very much, it was perfect for my vacation!  I highly recommend.

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