It’s Monday August 24! What Are You Reading?

August 24, 2015 It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 4

It's Monday trial 1

Happy Monday!  Welcome back to this meme that travels all over the book blog world.  Thanks to Sheila at Book Journey for hosting.

I finished one book last week, and wrote no reviews?  I’ve been pre-occupied with other activities I guess.  I’m hoping to catch up.

So I finished:

Who Do You Love

I’m still listening to Amy Poehler:

Yes Please

I’m currently reading:

Darkness the Color of Snow

I’m fairly early in, but it’s intriguing.  There is a bigger mystery brewing.

Up next:

A Window Opens The Race for Paris

So many great books to read.

Comment and let me know what you’re reading and if you’ve read any of the books I have.  Have a wonderful week!!

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  1. Brona

    I suspect that hearing Poehler read her book aloud would be funnier than just reading it. I wasn’t really aware of who she was (as I’ve never watched Parks and Rec and we don’t get SNL at all in Australia) so I suspect I missed why some bits should have been funny :-/

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