Paper, Planners, and Stickers, My New Addiction

September 24, 2015 Erin Condren, Planners 5

I have always been in love with paper, writing paper, cards, crafting paper, books, journals, planners, the list goes on.  Last year I decided to go back to using a more detailed paper planner.  When I worked full time out of the house I used a Franklin Covey planner, I was obsessed with making To Do lists, and checking them off.  I was notorious for giving lists to my team.  I moved from boring basic to a more feminine page offered from FC.  When I left work I moved to a monthly home calendar which listed every sporting event and party etc my kids were involved with.  We were very busy for many years.  Now I just have one son at home, and his activities are much less, after all he is a senior in high school and is able to get himself to school, a part time job and his activities.

You might ask what I need a planner for.  Well I have my own tasks.  I run our home, the managing of the bills, the laundry, the cleaning, the errands.  I read and write this blog, I keep  up with what’s going on with our daughters.  I purchased an Erin Condren Life Planner in November 2014, and I really loved it from day one.  It has a monthly overview and a weekly two page spread for detailing things to do, buy, people to call, etc.  I decided on a color coded system to keep things straight…ha ha.  I began to hate that.  I loved my 18 different colors of Le Pen, but I wanted to keep my colors more on theme with my planner.  My brain is very finicky!  Below are my first two covers, they are changeable!!  Those are also my pens.

image image image

The dangerous part began when I started following some über planners on Instagram, and found Facebook groups of like minded planners.  This was about 3 months ago….and my world was rocked…oh my stars, decorating your planner…using it as much as a planner as a creative outlet!!!  This is a photo of the beginning.


I discovered Etsy shops for planner stickers…who knew?  For a few weeks I spent way too much money on stickers and washi tape for decorating.  I think…ha ha, I have myself in a better place now, well I do have enough stickers to decorate for nearly a year!!!  I’m not joking…it’s that crazy.  I’ve learned a lot…and I plan to share it here.  I’ll be adding a weekly feature about planning, and the tools to make it enjoyable and fun.

This is this week’s planner shot.  I’ve added more since Sunday too.


One term that comes up often in planner circles is “planner peace”, referring to finding the one style of planner that fits you best.  While I have loved my ECLP I’ve felt that there might be more.  I tell you folks, I never knew there were so many different types of planners.  Being in love with paper I’ve been touching a feeling different planners to find the best quality and still with a feel not just homogenous and bland.  That is another piece of this puzzle and while I’ve led many friends, book loving friends and others, to this planner madness I’m hoping they are happy, but we all will find what planner gives each of us peace.

I hope you’ll come back to see what I’m discussing.

5 Responses to “Paper, Planners, and Stickers, My New Addiction”

  1. BermudaOnion

    I love paper too and am thinking of jumping on the planner bandwagon but don’t know if I’ll decorate. I found an etsy shop that has some planners I like. By the way, some of your pictures don’t show up.

  2. Michelle

    I blame you and love you for my new addiction/hobby. I am still working on finding my planner peace, but I enjoy every moment of it. Well, not this upcoming week’s designs. They sort of suck. I was much better last week. But live and learn, right?

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